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In Topic: Does interfaces include default definitions?

Today, 09:07 PM

No interface do not include implementation.

In Topic: the purpose of the unset function

Today, 08:17 PM

So basically unset is the equivalent of setting an initialized value in Java back to null.

I don't think so. Unsetting a variable is like it was never initialized at all.

In Topic: php supports function overloading or not?

Today, 08:15 PM

By your definition it does not support function overloading.

In Topic: Cloud Server Management Services

Yesterday, 08:59 AM

I know that Rackspace do "Managed Operations" but at this point it is far too expensive.

That is indeed what your looking for. It's not cheap, no.

If you can find a freelance devops guy you could go down that route (hint hint). We have a freelance board, but I'm not sure where else you might search or how much activity you might get.

In Topic: strpos returning false is not buggy?

Yesterday, 01:12 AM

This is one of php's little quirks, there is no way to fix it now without breaking BC. Live with it.

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