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PHP Freaks, You, and GDPR

This announcement is no longer active


GDPR article 15 allows EU citizens to request an export of the personal data collected by this site ("right of access").
GDPR article 17 allows EU citizens to request that personal information collected by this site by removed ("right to be forgotten").

To request either action, post in the Feedback forum.

Persuant to article 3 we will not perform these actions for individuals we can reasonably assert to not be EU citizens in an EU country during the time of the data collection.

Persuant to articles 2 and 17 we also will not delete posted content - we are only required to remove personally identifiable information and we have the means to accomplish that while keeping user submitted content (which is not covered by GDPR). This is in line with our long-standing policy of not deleting content.

How official is this?

I speak on behalf of the volunteers running this forum. PHP Freaks and related IP is legally owned by a US company based in Florida and I cannot speak for them. Everything written here is to the best of my knowledge and intentions.

What data does this site collect?

  • Username (required during registration)
  • Email address (required during registration)
  • IP address (collected automatically)
  • Timezone (optionally provided by the user and/or determined automatically)
  • Profile information such as gender, age, and instant messaging accounts (optionally provided by the user)

Does this site use cookies?

Of course it does. IP.Board's standard cookie disclaimer

What third parties is content and/or information shared with?

PHP Freaks does not share anything with any third-parties. We do include advertising on this site (currently via Google Ads) and Google Analytics, but that does not involve sending them any information about the visitor. They do collect information on their own, of course, but we are not responsible for it nor can we address any GDPR requests on their behalf.

What is our privacy policy?

Good question. As this forum is run by volunteers who do not also own it, it is difficult to come up with an official Privacy Policy. I am looking into measures to adopt one. We do have Terms of Service that you agree to by using this site, which is currently the closest thing we have to a privacy policy.

Informally, we do not sell, give, share, etc. content or information to anyone. However, remember that content you post publicly is accessible to anyone who wants to harvest it, be they human or automated.

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