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  1. There are three echo() constructs that would produce output. A fourth such construct is commented out so it won't run. echo $data[$j]; echo ","; echo "<br>"; If you'd like a space after the comma, add a space after the comma in the 2nd echo shown above. If you're viewing this program's output in a browser, the "<br>" should produce a lineBReak. If you're not, it will just be so much garbledy-gook. Probably this line: //echo "n" Was actually mean to write a 'newline', like this: echo "\n"; Enabling (uncommenting) that line (with the change as shown) would produce a linebreak in console/non-browser output. The whole thing could be one-lined (including an additional space as I mentioned) thusly: echo $data[$j] . ", <br>\n";
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