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    I like what you've done with the avatars. Merry Christmas!
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    I stole the idea from 4chan
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    hello dear all : i did some investigations - and have found Atom-meld: https://atom.io/packages/atom-meld Atom Meld Diff with external tool Meld A editor-plugin - capable to compare different code-fragments / languageslooking for an editor - capable to compare different code-fragments / languages. what is wanted: i need to have an option to compare three or more differnt languages of the same text corpus ( chunk) and to do some corrections well i guess that atom-meld is made for me! see an image Settings Meld Arguments Set Command Line Arguments to pass to Meld. Default --auto-compare Meld Path Default meld. For Windows either add Meld to your PATH and use meld or input the full path C:\Program Files (x86)\Meld\Meld.exe Commands Command Description Keymap atom-meld:diff-from-file-file Active File with File from System alt-m atom-meld:diff-from-file-tab Active File with Open Tab ctrl-alt-m/ctrl-cmd-m atom-meld:diff-from-tab-active Selected Tab with Active File atom-meld:diff-from-tab-file Selected Tab with File from System atom-meld:diff-from-tab-tab Selected Tab with Open Tab atom-meld:diff-from-tree-active Selected File from Tree View with Active File atom-meld:diff-from-tree-file Selected File from Tree View with File from System atom-meld:diff-from-tree-tab Selected File from Tree View with Open Tab
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