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    in order to put an array variable inside a string, it needs to be enclosed by {} however, there are a few things wrong with what that line of code is trying to do - 1) the mysqli_query() statement doesn't return data, it returns a result object, so, a variable holding the submitted password will never be equal to the value returned in that line. you would need to fetch the data first. 2) you should NOT store plain-text passwords. you need to use php's password_hash() and password_verify(). you would need to fetch the stored password hash and use password_verify() to test if the submitted password matches the hash. 3) you should NOT put external/unknown data directly into an sql query statement (and for those cases where it is safe to do so, string data must be enclosed by single-quotes.) you instead need to use a prepared query, with a ? place-holder in the sql query statement for each data value, then supply the data when the query gets executed. unfortunately, the php mysqli extension is overly complicated and inconsistent when dealing with prepared queries and you need to switch to the much simpler php PDO extension. doing this will actually simplify the sql query statement since the place-holder being put into the sql query statement eliminates the php variable, any {} around the variable, any single-quotes around the variable, and any concatenation dots.
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