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    I'd say it depends on the type of book. For something like a technical reference that's marked up and linked properly then sure, online may be a better scenario as people would probably be less inclined to be reading start to finish and instead jumping around to the information they need or want. For something more story/native that's intended to be read front to back in order, I'd gather most people would not be reading it on a PC. Most readers I know either stick to physical books or their phones/e-readers. I'm not trying to sell stuff, but that's my general point of view on things as well. Most attempts at stopping piracy I've experienced are counter-productive. They don't do a great job at preventing piracy (someone breaks it eventually, and usually in relatively short order), but limit your non-pirating customers severely. For example pretty much nothing the movie industry has tried has worked for very long but their attempts prevent me from easily creating a digital copy of the movies I buy for use on my HTPC though, which is a perfectly legal and reasonable thing to do. In my opinion, the best way to try and tackle the problem would be to 1) Make sure your product is easy to acquire for those who want it (reasonably priced, no region locks, etc) 2) Monitor the web for pirated copies and respond appropriately when you find them.
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