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    Hi, This is a probably a wrong way of inserting new email into the DB and can result in race conditions. You should be inserting the new email directly into the DB and your column for ermail ids should be unique so that it throws an exception for duplicate entries.
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    I assume you've had a go at it yourself by now. Here's my effort... <?php $data = []; for ($r=0; $r<4; $r++) { for ($c=0; $c<4; $c++) { $data[$r][$c] = rand(0,1); } } $rowcounts = $colcounts = []; for ($r=0; $r<4; $r++) { $rowcounts[$r] = count(array_keys($data[$r], 1)); } for ($c=0; $c<4; $c++) { $colcounts[$c] = count(array_keys(array_column($data,$c), 1)); } $rmax = max($rowcounts); $cmax = max($colcounts); $rcmax = max($rmax, $cmax); $hirows = array_keys($rowcounts, $rcmax); $hicols = array_keys($colcounts, $rcmax); echo "<table border='1' style='border-collapse:collapse'>\n"; for ($r=0; $r<4; $r++) { echo "<tr>"; for ($c=0; $c<4; $c++) { $hilite = (in_array($r, $hirows) || in_array($c, $hicols)) ? 'class="max"' : ''; echo "<td $hilite>&nbsp;{$data[$r][$c]}&nbsp;</td>"; } echo "</tr>\n"; } echo "</table>\n"; ?>
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