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    If your problem is how to output tab separated data with column names /* SAMPLE DATA +-------+-------+---------+------------+ | empid | fname | lname | dob | +-------+-------+---------+------------+ | 1 | Peter | Smith | 1985-01-26 | | 2 | Paul | Hartley | 1973-12-02 | | 3 | Mary | Baker | 1980-04-11 | | 4 | Jane | Doe | 1990-11-28 | +-------+-------+---------+------------+ */ $res = $db->query("SELECT empid , fname , lname , dob FROM employee; "); echo '<pre>'; $row = $res->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); echo join("\t", array_keys($row)) . "\n"; // headings do { echo join("\t", $row) . "\n"; // data } while ($row = $res->fetch()); echo '</pre>'; Which gives Similarly, if you want to write it to a csv file for export to Excel, then $res = $db->query("SELECT empid , fname , lname , dob FROM employee; "); $fp = fopen('AAA.csv', 'w'); $row = $res->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); fputcsv($fp, array_keys($row), "\t"); // headings do { fputcsv($fp, $row, "\t"); // data } while ($row = $res->fetch());
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    Hi, This is a probably a wrong way of inserting new email into the DB and can result in race conditions. You should be inserting the new email directly into the DB and your column for ermail ids should be unique so that it throws an exception for duplicate entries.
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    if you use exceptions for database statement errors and in most cases let php catch and handle the exception, php will use its error related settings to control what happens with the actual error information (database errors will 'automatically' get displayed/logged the same as php errors.) you will be able eliminate the existing error handling, rather than to convert it. to enable exceptions for errors for the mysqli extension, add the following line of code before the point where you make the database connection - mysqli_report(MYSQLI_REPORT_ERROR | MYSQLI_REPORT_STRICT); now the bad news, it is not enough to just update statements in old code, as one of the things that was removed in php5.4, magic_quotes, eliminated some protection that php provided against sql special characters in external string data from breaking the sql query syntax (which is how sql injection is accomplished.) if your code does not have specific protection for all external/unknown data, and for all the different data types, being put into sql queries, you will need to add it. the simplest, universal way of doing this is to use prepared queries, provided that you switch to use the simpler PDO extension. the prepared query interface for the mysqli extension is overly complicated and inconsistent
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    As to the manual, "die" is an alias of "exit" which is a function, and there are examples in the manual which you should try on a standalone script first, so you learn how to call functions with the appropriate syntax. https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.exit.php Also i would recommend to not just randomly copy and paste function signatures into production code and hoping that they work as you expect, but actually learn how PHP works and what syntax is needed from the examples.
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