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    There is nothing in that code to sort the results in the array. readdir() (as stated in the manual) returns the results " . . . in the order in which they are stored by the filesystem". You could determine the file date and sort by that, but since you are copying them from one device to another, there is a good chance that the file date will be changed in that process. Sometimes the date changes in a copy process and sometimes it does not - depends on the process used. Also complicating things, filetime() will return different values based on the filesystem. As I understand it, in Windows it returns the creation time, whereas in Unix it returns the modification time. So, you could potentially sort using filetime() IF the original file creation times are preserved after they are copied AND filetime() returns the creation date. You should be able to verify if those are both true in your case. If so, get the creation date using filetime() and sort on that. If that is NOT the case, then you could either ensure they are copied in the correct order (i.e. one at a time in the order they were created) or you need to sort using some manner. For example, the named of the files is sequential. So you could sort by file name. But, when you go from IMG_9999.jpg to IMG_10000.jpg it will break that logic as IMG_1... comes before IMG_9... when sorting alpha-numerically. Of course, you could always parse the file names and convert them to have x number of digits, i.e. IMG_9999.jpg converts to IMG_0009999.jpg and IMG_10000.jpg converts to IMG_0010000.jpg. Also, your phone *may* restart that numbering at some point which basically screws all of that up. So, lots of possibilities, but no bullet-proof solution. The *best* solution would be predicated on the questions on how the files are handled in the environment (dates when copied, whether file names change, etc.).
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