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    Id stay away from Eclipse if I were to chose an IDE to code in...... not for lack of speed (refactoring slows above 10k of lines of code), but mainly because of lack of seamless update process. Its PITA, as its automation is completely broken. Java IDE is also of great value...... I tried PhpStorm once and now Im paid customer. There is no better IDE.
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    By far the best php editor! Should probably clarify that the company is JetBrains. Here's a link to the PhpStorm version. Started out as a Java IDE (IntelliJ Idea), and it's essentially the same base editor across the line, but I'd still recommend that you buy the Php specific version. There's a 30 day trial you can use to check it out. Has a huge number of plugins and configuration options available, so you can configure your code style, apply rules from various codesniffers and standards. As for a free editor, I'd go with Eclipse PDT.
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    They aren't the same width because you don't have any sort of CSS in there that says anything about a width. It's not like the browser can read your mind about how you want it to appear... Have you tried giving the buttons a width?
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