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    Not necessarily. Tons of websites out there are heavy on images, and many of them need those images to be available soon. You don't - we're talking about a textual book with some illustrations, not a picture book. (Even if it was a picture book, people only read one page at a time.) Meanwhile text isn't particularly strenuous on browsers. 40 pages * 500 words/page * 10 characters/word (spaces, punctuation, some HTML markup) = 200,000 characters. A fraction of a megabyte. So don't worry about it. Not yet. 40 pages could be a lot for a mobile device, so for that it would be worth considering paginating the content. Perhaps on desktop too, if you want the aesthetic of it. Unless pages are important concepts you need to account for, and you should try to avoid that if you can (pages are just so arbitrary), then you don't need to break it down beyond chapters. Worry about AMP later.
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    Take a closer look at the documentation for set_error_handler() and you'll notice it says you cannot handle fatal (E_ERROR) errors. The only thing you can do in that case is react to the fatal error after the fact: use register_shutdown_function() and error_get_last() to detect whether the script is ending because of a fatal error.
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    Exceptions are different than errors, and there's a separate function to install a handler for them: set_exception_handler. That kind of handling is only for doing something like logging the error or whatever however, you can't use it to ignore the exception and continue. If you want your script to continue executing despite the exception, then you need to catch it with a try/catch block and handle it appropriately there.
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