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    You could roll your own. function twoColorCircle($a, $b, $sz) { $out = "<svg width='$sz' height='$sz' viewBox='0 0 1000 1000'> <linearGradient id='grad2' x1='0' y1='0' x2='1' y2='0'> <stop offset='0%' style='stop-color:$a'/> <stop offset='50%' style='stop-color:$a'/> <stop offset='50%' style='stop-color:$b'/> <stop offset='100%' style='stop-color:$b'/> </linearGradient> "; $c = 500; $r = 499; $out .= "<circle cx='$c' cy='$c' r='$r' fill='url(#grad2)' stroke='#000' /> </svg>"; return $out; } foreach ([16,32,64,128,256] as $sz) echo twoColorCircle('#5fc75d' , '#f19e2d' , $sz); echo '<br>'; foreach (['16em','8em','4em','2em','1em'] as $sz) echo twoColorCircle('#5fc75d' , '#f19e2d' , $sz);
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