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    Those lines getting the error (which you did not post) contain spaces in the filename. Depending on how they are used, you need to use %20 instead if the spaces. You probably want to use urlencode on the path string.
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    Looks like the query is failing. Try putting $Search in single quotes, or, better, use a prepared query.
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    #1.) Put at TOP of your php scripts: <?php ini_set('display_errors', 1); ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); (be sure to remove this when it goes live, you don't want public to see any errors). #2.) if((isset($_POST['submit'])) && (isset($_POST['search']) && ($_POST['search'] != NULL))) { $search = $mysqli->real_escape_string($_POST['search']); $result = $mysqli->query("SELECT * FROM careers WHERE JobTitle regexp $search"); #3.) "Job Title" or "Salary Low" etc., etc., you can't have two-word variables for mysql or php or anything. You need to do like this: jobTitle, or job_title, or jobtitle or SalaryLow, or salarylow or salary_low...... you can't have mysql columns or php variables named with words with spaces. #4.) Clean up your output. You have $output .="Job Title:$jobTitle<br /> and that's going to look like: Job Title:carpenter You would want $output .="Job Title: $jobTitle.<br /> so that it will look proper: Job Title: carpenter.
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    What? Screenshot? Check your browser's Javascript console for errors.
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