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  1. It sounds like you might just need to re-consider your design. If it's the client that's interested in whatever this change is, the typical solution to this is to just have the client make a request periodically. One name for this is Ajax Polling. You make an Ajax request to your change detection script. The script will check for the change in a loop and return when a change is detected. You could wait 30 minutes, but it's more typical to wait 30-sec to a minute then return a "No changes" response. This way your web-server's available threads don't get used up waiting. If th
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  2. You mean are most questions we get here about Javascript? No, it's mostly PHP, but it's mostly PHP in a web context. As in PHP is running on a website and people are visiting it in their browser. Which means Javascript is an option. But sometimes there are non-web PHP questions. I don't know which one of those this thread is yet... If you want to run something every X minutes then the standard answer is to use cron: every *nix server has it, it runs in the "background", meaning it's not driven by or reliant upon users taking specific actions (such as "keeping the browser op
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