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  1. This is the one I have, and yeah it saves money
  2. First world problems, when tap tastes bad (to be fair, I have one too!)
  3. Nice job, I hate when desks do that & waste space
  4. Nuh-uh! To be fair, this is a pretty standard Ikea desk. I had one difference to make the desk extension longer, but otherwise IKEA FTW! @Monkuar - I don't know which scares me more, the power supply on the edge of your computer or the amount of liquids on the edge of the desk next to the PC
  5. Ugh, I hate working off of laptops - both for cramped keyboards and those absolutely retarded trackpads. I almost always have a mouse with it as well, but like you I usually run out of desk space when I'm working offsite. Boo When are you back to the states?
  6. Instead of necro'ing an old thread, I figured I'd start a new one. I'm excited as I finally completed the first half of it tonight (the other half will be a bookcase / bike display area.) I had almost all of the parts for close to a month and was only missing 1 part, ugh... how annoying to sit there and see half of the desk just sitting there waiting So I ask you, what does your office / workspace look like?
  7. Hahahahah, oh turd. You make me laugh. You get to keep the name, as a present from me.
  8. You should have gotten an email from the board, I had that option checked. Might be in spam?
  9. I disagree. Their support is among the best, especially compared to the lowerend boxes (unless you know somebody / are friends with the providers.) They have always been courteous to me, even when I ask a stupid question... and I have done the same thing on lower boxes and gotten rude replies which gave off the vibe "why are you wasting my time?" Plus their uptime is fantastic. I almost always see emails / tweets about how a node on a lower host is going to be rebooted or got DDoS'd so it had to be taken down for a bit, etc. But I've only once had that happen in the 3 years I've had a linode.
  10. I disagree, but I also like working in a well lit room vs in darkness. I rarely change any coloring from my editors (mainly use Netbeans / Notepad++)
  11. I've split the thread, please continue in this one.
  12. Yeah, I went with namecheap. I do hate having to drop a couple hundred bucks for renewing the domains, but meh. It'll be worth it to get away from godaddy.
  13. Yup, which is also another reason. Cheers Dan for the reddit link. It's rare when I visit reddit
  14. I'm kinda surprised we don't have a sticky on this and there haven't been many topics on this for a few years... so here we are! Here is a compiled list: www.namecheap.com www.name.com www.dynadot.com www.gandi.net www.easydns.com www.dyndns.com www.domainnameshop.com www.dd24.net http://domains.ausweb.com.au/
  15. There are a lot of variations of 'spring', but surprisingly, no Spring. Old: tonyhh new: Spring Enjoy!
  16. As [profile]salathe[/profile] would say,
  17. They have quite a few billboards near where I live "Know Linux? We're hiring!"
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