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  1. requinix

    Click a form image, run a query

    Dump out the contents of $_POST to see what values are actually being sent through the form. It won't be what you expect.
  2. Look through the screenshot you posted until you see that one path. Then look through your application's configuration until you find it.
  3. host=/usr/bin/kate Does that look right to you?
  4. requinix

    Help with video watermark clarity

    Here is a good place to start. You'll have to resize the watermark stream before you overlay it onto the main video stream.
  5. requinix

    Help with video watermark clarity

    So you didn't tell ffmpeg that it needs to resize the image? And you're surprised that it didn't resize the image?
  6. requinix

    onChange() redirect doesn't work

    Looks like a string, acts like a string, isn't a string. Isn't Javascript wonderful?
  7. requinix

    Help with video watermark clarity

    What did you change the overlay filter to so that ffmpeg knew to resize the image?
  8. requinix

    Help with video watermark clarity

    You say that because...?
  9. requinix

    Help with video watermark clarity

    Yes. 98x16 is incredibly small. Start with a large image and have ffmpeg scale it down to fit the video dimensions appropriately.
  10. requinix

    onChange() redirect doesn't work

    It's Location.replace, not String.replace.
  11. requinix

    My QUIZ site's Ranking page is not working properly

    This will likely be an issue with your query. Please post just the SQL of the one query that's producing the incorrect results, and also show us your database table structures - hopefully with some sample data so it's easier to understand.
  12. requinix

    onChange() redirect doesn't work

    onchange only fires after focus has left. What happens if you click somewhere on the page?
  13. requinix

    onChange() redirect doesn't work

    I don't see anything in what you posted that deals with QR codes. How about showing us your actual code?
  14. requinix

    onChange() redirect doesn't work

    Are there any error messages in your browser's developer console?
  15. requinix

    Extracting names with regex

    I might replace the " and " with ", ", then split. inputString.replace(/ and /g, ", ").split(/,[\s,]*/)
  16. requinix

    Jquery Animations And Apache

    1. Yes. I don't know why you're seeing Apache activity but it is not because of the animation. 2. No. Apache stops caring as soon as the connection is closed, which is probably a few seconds after the final request has been sent to the server (such as CSS, JS, or images).
  17. Do you know what those two errors even mean? Do you know what those domains are? Do you see any particular words in those URLs that might give you a clue?
  18. requinix

    Strange request - PHP Script Help?

    Yeah no. It's very likely that their policies include provisions that clients cannot attempt anything harmful, and doing so would put you in the wrong. Go back through their policies to make sure they don't have some clause that lets them continue billing. If you're right, consider a cheap lawyer, and dispute the charge with your bank. If not, lesson learned. Either way make sure you have it definitely canceled for next time.
  19. Looks fine to me. Screenshot?
  20. Apr 30 12:29:46 nsn-do-lamp apachectl[6403]: (2)No such file or directory: AH02291: Cannot access directory '/var/www/html/Hostels2Deployed/current/storage/logs/' for error log of vhost defined at /etc/apache2/sites
  21. requinix

    PHP in multiple new windows

    Read the documentation maxxd linked until you find out why it's behaving that way.
  22. You got errors. Did you try to do anything about those errors? There's one that very clearly indicates what was wrong.
  23. requinix

    Trouble with showing image in url

    Yes I do know what's causing it, and the answer is unfortunately that you need to change how this process works. Not every problem has a simple solution.
  24. You say Excel but creating a CSV file will be very easy. You can always open with Excel and then re-save in whatever format.
  25. -i is an input file. I doubt you created a second watermark file named "watermark.png(t,20)". You also seem to have copied and pasted the overlay and scale filters, without any changes to them. That's not right. You need to spend the time it takes to understand what this command does. What "overlay" and "scale" are.

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