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  1. Sorry folks, turns out OP was a spammer. Looks like the post was copied from r/PHP.
  2. There are very many reasons why an email may not be sent or received. Switch your code to using PHPMailer instead of mail(). That helps with a lot of those reasons. If you still aren't getting the email after that, then there could be a problem somewhere.
  3. I see you have a function there (in the first file) called "login". I also see you aren't calling it there. I also can't see where that file gets run from.
  4. Without going into details, the owners don't own PHP Freaks for the revenue. It generating any revenue at all is more of a nice to have - especially if it's enough to cover the hardware and hosting costs. As demonstrated by how long it took for us to put up ads - ads which appear to me to not be working again...
  5. Then I must have misread your post, because I was sure it said something like "if it makes the owner $$$, that is all he cares about". Or maybe I'm mistaken on the meaning of the word "greedy" and it does not, in fact, mean "having or showing an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power".
  6. Relative paths can behave strangely. Don't use them. Do what mac_gyver said.
  7. With enough people, time, effort, and skill, yes. Our current owner is a significant improvement over our past owners. Kindly retract your implication that they are greedy, as it will have the added benefit of not making you look like an ass.
  8. Hahahaha Invision Power Board, aka IPB, aka this dumb piece of crap, yes. As it says in the page footer.
  9. The problem is it's non-trivial: I have no problem hacking the IPB templates a bit, but the post number is not a piece of information available to use. The walled garden of the IPB modding community puts Apple to shame.
  10. Opinion. Preferably backed by benchmarks. Which then leads into things like "standards" and "best practices".
  11. As an example of what I mean, please answer the question I asked earlier:
  12. Unless you have a particularly bad setup, the user cannot tamper with their session data. Any good database system will cache data and queries. As long as you're using good database design and have appropriate indexes, it should not be expensive. Again: good database design and appropriate indexes.
  13. Yeah... I must be missing something or else I would expect people to have yelled not to do that. If the files are on your own website then never include them as URLs. For assorted reasons, not the worst of which is that it's extra overhead on your website. If the files are not on your own website then never include them as URLs. The answer is something else that depends on why you're trying to execute PHP code on someone else's server.
  14. You can also select specific text in a post and a little "Quote selection" thing should pop up. Makes it easier to quote something specific in a post without having to quote the whole post and then delete what you don't want. edit: If y'all didn't notice, while I was searching for something about timezones... or maybe I was looking for the post number thing... whatever, while I was in there I turned on an option that has the default avatar be something according to the first letter of the display name. I've seen it on other sites and I like it, but if people don't and want to go back to the one where it's just blank image for everyone, that's okay.
  15. They're local times. Somehow. Not sure, but I can't find anywhere to set a timezone for myself so I assume the tooltip is set by Javascript.
  16. If you store data in the session then you won't look it up in the database, and that means you won't know if it changes. If a user was logged in and you stored that they had a deluxe membership plan, what would happen if that plan changed? Or ended? You would continue using the deluxe plan and the user would have access they should not.
  17. That would be nice. If it were possible to do easily I'd do it right now, but it's likely yet another nice feature they decided (in their infinite wisdom) to remove, forcing anybody who wants it to have to buy some paid plugin. I suggest quoting yourself. edit: I'm editing a question into my post. Can you see it?
  18. Then you changed something else in that class, because it wasn't doing this before. Fix the syntax error and try again.
  19. Unfortunately I don't really have tips or tricks to pass along. I can mention phptherightway.com as a good resource, but it isn't totally comprehensive. For now, make sure you avoid articles and tutorials from some random person's blog and instead try to hit up the more reputable sites that perhaps you've already heard of before. catch (PDOException $e) { /* If there is a PDO exception, throw a standard exception */ throw new Exception('Database query error'); } Don't do that either. You're taking a perfectly good exception and then discarding everything it has to offer and replacing it with a mere "Database query error". Remove the whole try/catch and see what happens.
  20. Have you considered trying to use mysqli_error() to find out what went wrong?
  21. $user->password = base64_encode($_POST['password']); $user->password = base64_encode(isset($_GET['password']) ? $_GET['password'] : die()); No. No base64_encode. Don't do that. $_GET['password'] That is incredibly bad. Do not put the password in the URL. That's... I don't know why this code even exists. Make the problem go away by changing the form to use method=post. I really, really shouldn't have to say that.
  22. I see three blue colors: navy blue with writing, light blue with writing, and the dark blue/gray with images. I can't figure what you're describing according to that. I'm guessing that you want to have text + image / image + text alternating on desktop and then just text + image on mobile. Is that it? Rearrange everything in the markup so that it is correct: text first, image second. Desktop is where you should be making it read backwards. Do that by using looking into whatever options your CSS framework gives you regarding repositioning inside its grid system; if there isn't anything then use order.
  23. Are you sure you need to do this from PHP? There should be a client-side API that embeds some Twitter information if you give it a username.
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