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  1. The syntax of a for loop is

    for (<initialization>; <condition to check>; <action to take on each loop>) {

    For you,

    • The initialization would be starting the $j variable at 2017
    • The condition to check is that $j is greater than or equal to (since it will be counting down) $mindate
    • The action is to decrement (--) $j

  2. Just now, alxne said:

    Anytime I change that piece of code the page crashes. Probably as I don't know how it should be

    So how about posting what you tried so you can find out what was wrong with it?

  3. for($j=$mindate;$j<='2017';$j++)

    That's what you need to change.

    It's currently counting from $mindate to 2017 by adding one to $j (that's what $j++ means) each time. You want that to instead count from 2019 to $mindate by subtracting one from $j (that would be $j--) each time.

    When you have that working, why 2019 specifically? Is it because that was last year? Since it says 2017 now, does that mean someone forgot to update it last year to say 2018? If you want the year to be dependent on the current year then you can have PHP do that automatically instead of having to edit the script...

  4. Is this file in some particular syntax? It looks like there's a format to it. Still don't know what "query_complaint_type_list" or "status_0" have to do with it, but the first step is probably to read the file into a PHP structure.


    28 minutes ago, Paulqvz said:

    the php starts with 

    <?php return; /* no output */>

    Why bother? Just make it a .txt file and be done with it. Don't clutter up the file with stuff that doesn't belong.

  5. Okay. Here's what you need to do:

    You need to show us the full version of the code that does not work. Talking about the stuff displaying at the top of the table doesn't help. Showing single lines of code doesn't help. Reiterating what works and what does not work doesn't help.

    Make sure your code is written so that it tries to do what you want it to do, then post the whole thing so we can tell you what's wrong with it.

  6. 21 minutes ago, phppup said:

    i currently have the submit name corresponding to the  $row["id"]

    Not according to the code you posted.

    21 minutes ago, phppup said:

    The problem seems to be more with using the write IF statement to segregate the selected button.

    Either your code is wrong and gw1500se is right, or I don't know because you haven't posted your real code.

  7. rocky@rockysMacBookPro ~ % php-fpm                                                            
        [21-May-2020 13:36:05] WARNING: Nothing matches the include pattern '/private/etc/php-fpm.d/*.conf' from /private/etc/php-fpm.conf at line 143.
        [21-May-2020 13:36:05] ERROR: failed to open error_log (/usr/var/log/php-fpm.log): No such file or directory (2)
        [21-May-2020 13:36:05] ERROR: failed to post process the configuration
        [21-May-2020 13:36:05] ERROR: FPM initialization failed

    Have you looked into that?

  8. Think about your logic. If $number is 101 then it <>102, right? And if $number is 102 then it <>101, right?

    Also, please do what the rest of the PHP community does: use the && || != operators instead of AND OR <>. The first group is what you see in programming languages. The second group is what you see in SQL. PHP is not SQL.

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  9. Could be them marking as spam. Make sure your unsubscribe link is obviously visible at the bottom of the email. Consider disabling the recipients and sending them a one-time "are you still there" notification.

    For comparison, a spam rate of 5 in 500 is high.

    Note that spam and bounce reporting is another thing paid services offer.

  10. You really should go for a paid service. Many of them bill based on volume and usage, not on a monthly or annual basis. Consider what it will cost you just trying to maintain all this email stuff.

    If you must do it yourself then you need to get a dedicated server/IP address and set up SPF and DKIM records for your domain. You also need to stay on top of your bounce rate to make sure that doesn't get you (temporarily) blacklisted.

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