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  1. I doubt the next version will be anything impressive. How often do Adobe change anything in their products before adding a new number and selling it for the same price as the previous versions?
  2. For a nice dedibox I'd have to recommend rapidswitch For the bee's knees you get a great level of service... I've got one running CentOS 5.3 for running my game.... perhaps overkill lol
  3. After reading Sams Learn PHP in 24 hours I was recommended by a university tutor to read and have read quite a bit of: Matt Zandstra - PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice
  4. I think all of the people who say Notepad++ is the best PHP editor haven't had a lengthy play with a proper IDE like Netbeans... I used to use Notepad++ and think the same thing... when it come to using xDebug and doing other stuff I really couldn't go back from Netbeans As long as you have a chunky enough machine I don't think anything beats it really. Nice and clean UI as well. I love the Ctrl + Alt + O for opening files... beats Ctrl + O then looking for your file and double clicking it I also love the Right click > Go to Declaration on functions
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