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  1. background images ARE resizeable in CSS. What the OP seems to need is background-size: cover; I obviously missed somewhere the part where i say without CSS 3 please
  2. Background image isnt resizable, and in my case trick works based on browser size
  3. @z-index attribute is needed here
  4. I have <img> element called right after <body> one. The image element includes following id with attributes and serves as a background of whole page(body) with possibility of resizing(thats the function of this part of code): #img.source-image { width: 100%; position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; } How come this image overrides following id's background #mainPicture { clear:both; width:670px; height:345px; background-color:#160306; } And not just this id, every div which includes id from css with background What I want is actually this picture to be under everything
  5. Since im using firefox i didnt notice it yet but thanks for ur help
  6. dAMN im really a cock sucker lolz, i closed brackets for else and didnt for whole if lol thanks tenyon for pointing out mistakes btw u said Can u indicate where i used that method?
  7. Well i checked, and i posted it in first post
  8. Sorry for a late reply, i slept here on my desk havent sleep whole night btw the error was Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in D:\xampp\htdocs\CMSSITE\admin\dologin.php on line 25
  9. Nah, query works fine, even on ur way but im still having the syntax problem
  10. On 25th and 29 th line <?php include('includes/functions.php'); session_start(); if(isset($_POST['login'])){ if(isset($_POST['username'])){ if(isset($_POST['password'])){ $query = mysql_query('SELECT * FROM users WHERE Username = $_POST["username"]') or die(mysql_error()); $user = mysql_fetch_array($query); if($_POST['password'] == $user['Password']){ echo "Uspješan login!"; $_SESSION['user'] = $user['username']; header('Location: index.php'); } else { echo "Provjerite login detalje!"; include('login.php'); } } else { echo "Password netačan!"; include('login.php'); } else { echo "Username netačan!"; include('login.php'); } else { echo "Niste ispunili sve podatke!"; include('login.php'); } ?>
  11. Thanks cssfreakie rly for ur help Btw this line of code could be used better as, right? while ($value => $min || $value <= $max)
  12. Aha thanks for a nice explanation, i have a better view on it from now on
  13. Yeah thats exact what I mean, the second way was explained but im looking for the first way, doing it without array_splice. I was thinking about array_splice before this but it is a little bit difficult to understand even ur simple example, i would put (array_slice($arr, 0, -1); cuz i want to cut the first one and the last one ...
  14. Alex, under term of "middle values" i mean all values in an array whose are different from maximal and minimal value in that array
  15. //////////////////////////////////////////////////// function maximal($niz) { $mxm = $niz[0]; for ($i=0; $i < count($niz); $i++) { if($niz[$i]>$mxm) { $mxm = $niz[$i]; } } echo $mxm, "<br />"; } //////////////////////////////////////////////////// function minimal($niz) { $mnm = $niz[0]; for ($i=0; $i < count($niz); $i++) { if($niz[$i]>$mnm) { $mnm = $niz[$i]; } } echo $mnm, "<br />"; } //////////////////////////////////////////////////// Lets say i've got these 2 functions and im asking is it possible to check values in an array if they are different from these 2 and list them as middle values ? Btw this part here echo "Middle value: " . $arr[floor($s / 2)]; This will be used when $s is not dividable with 2 ?
  16. Well yeah cool works thanks btw is it possible somehow to check middle value(s) in array if u got biggest and lowest value
  17. How do you mean even ? This will be an integer array
  18. Acutally we miss understood here, I meant middle by size like (67, 12, 105, 2) it would list middle numbers as 2 and 12
  19. Can anyone freaky help me im just too tired to figure out where im mistaking, pm me please !
  20. nevermind, only problem was that min and max are already php selfmade functions
  21. I rly don't get what you mean, but you could try to put ur adds in an array and the shuffle the order and echo them randomly $adds = array[]; shuffle($adds); Like this
  22. Im working on 2 functions which will check lowest and biggest value in array. So this code works fine, but only problem it isnt function <?php $brojevi = array(25, 14, 62); $mxm = $brojevi[0]; for ($i=0; $i < count($brojevi); $i++) { if($brojevi[$i]>$mxm) { $mxm = $brojevi[$i]; } } echo $mxm; ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// $brojevi = array(25, 14, 62); $mnm = $brojevi[0]; for ($i=0; $i < count($brojevi); $i++) { if($brojevi[$i]<$mnm) { $mnm = $brojevi[$i]; } } echo $mnm; ?> And now code which doesnt work - the functions part <?php //////////////////////////////////////////////////// function max($niz) { $mxm = $niz[0]; for ($i=0; $i < count($niz); $i++) { if($niz[$i]>$mxm) { $mxm = $niz[$i]; } } return $mxm; } //////////////////////////////////////////////////// function min($niz){ $mnm = $niz[0]; for ($i=0; $i < count($niz); $i++) { if($niz[$i]>$mnm) { $mnm = $niz[$i]; } } return $mnm; }; //////////////////////////////////////////////////// $jabuke = array(15, 25, 559, 554); $kruske = array(12, 9, 2, 44); max($jabuke); min($kruske); ?> I need this badly tommorow
  23. Just add the opperator "." before "=" cuz like this you are going trough ur db results and displaying only last one !
  24. well acutally i don't need it 100% of the page but it seems ill need to make a div a put it within because it's the only solution ty
  25. but what if $_POST['name'] actually exists, whats the difference then ? if($_POST... would have returned the same as isset
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