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  1. I'm going to assume you are using PDO even though you haven't said you are. If you are using PDO, click here to read on how to report your sql errors and you should be able to go that way.
  2. I do use xampp, but it's actually lampp since I'm on lenix. Same thing either way. I doubt it's the way your mail is configured, but i'd like to know if your smtp host is localhost or not.
  3. This may be an issue with sendmail's configuration or php.ini configuration issue. I know in linux sendmails config settings are in /usr/sbin/sendmail.conf normally. Are you running xampp on windows or linux?
  4. On your home server the file is loaded successfully which populates $db, and on the live server $db is undefined and your thrown an error saying prepare fails because it's called off a non-object (undefined $db var). This is obviously a file path issue. Just make sure you correct all links and path settings before you upload to your live server.
  5. What is the code you are using to try to accomplish this?
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