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  1. Can't give comments due to the following Sorry, we are currenly in maintenance mode!We are working hard and fast to make changes to our website, please try again shortly. Stay connected with us on social media and follow what's going on.
  2. http://www.asimpleforum.co.uk/admin i guess it was a glitch?
  3. I'm not sure if you've looked at your fb inbox, but here are some glitch or bugs or features i've found. i just entered this address and got this info. Just helping to check any security breached o.0 http://www.asimpleforum.co.uk/admin Query: INSERT INTO asf_sessions (s_sid, s_uid, s_ip, s_user_agent, s_last_action, s_referrer) VALUES (:session_id, :user_id, :ip_address, :user_agent, :last_action, :referrer) Line: 1062 Message: Duplicate entry '1d05c416d509651e8bb8a9a3395b8eff' for key 1 I was also able to change the page title via the url. 1) click on a forum 2) click on a topic 3) i chose this url http://www.asimpleforum.co.uk/t/Admin+Centre+Finished%7C79 4) just changing this Admin+Centre+Finished would change the page title to what i've entered but still redirect to the actual post. http://www.asimpleforum.co.uk/t/Mighty+Me%7C79
  4. I used chrome developer console to see your script and realised that every 10 seconds you are loading this page http://dev.asimpleforum.co.uk/functions/request.php?method=get_shouts which keeps failing. I was curious and removed the "dev." and was able to get the shouts. its it a typo error or something? Shouldn't it be http://asimpleforum.co.uk/functions/request.php?method=get_shouts EDIT: Your login, register and faqs are also pointing to "dev." version of the site which is unavailable. it might be due to this <base href="http://dev.asimpleforum.co.uk/forum">
  5. hey, you misspell community on the navigation bar. you spell it Comminuty EDIT: also when you are on the users profile, the words goes over the border.
  6. Please change my username from ZulfaldyAshBurn to ZulfadlyAshBurn. I made this mistake when i sign up.
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