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  1. Why are you responding to this post when you don't have a solution? And do you even know of any menu builders that would work flawlessly on IE9? I thought so. :tease-01:


    That's good advertising Mikey, showing you can work will with others. Also if it works in chrome & firefox it should work ie9, odds are you messed something up and have something extra or missing somewhere.


    In the mean time plug your css in here http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ and your html in here http://validator.w3.org/ and see what they say. Sometimes and extra semicolon or bracket can throw things off in one browser but not another.

  2. You may be over thinking it.

    An example is the style or jscript can go on it's own page or in the html header between tags.

    Php can be on it's own page then included in an web page or enter woven in the web page.

  3. .....  The key is stored in the user's activation column, where normally is a bool integer.


    Mahngiel, do you have a time column to make the hash only usable within a certain time?


    I've been toying with this in my mind but I'm not wanting to make another column for time.

  4. Storing an MD5 hash isn't really that secure. You'd want to look at encrypting your passwords not just hashing.


    I think he's talking about a key,

    specific link with hashed (md5) key as argument
    to his email address, not a password.
  5. What is it, what are you doing? I see ads and subjects for everything. It looks every plain to me. Why would anyone want to go there. Want's your angle? What are you doing?

  6. 10 seconds is not enough time to prevent a double-submit.

    Or even one second


    Or you can try


    if (isset($_POST['submit'])) {
    // Check for a name:
    if (empty($_POST['name'])) {
    $error [] = 1;
    $name_e = '<h5 style="color: red;">* You forgot to enter a name.</h5>';
    } else {
    $name = $_POST ['name'];
    $name = mysqli_real_escape_string($dbc, trim($name));
    // The other $_POST
    if (!$error) {
    // Run UPDATE query
    if ($results){ // Or mysqli_affected_rows might be better
    $name_submitted = ''; // Or any variable that would make sense.


    <input type="text" name="name" size="90" value="<?php if (!empty($name_submitted)) {echo $name_submitted;} elseif  (!empty($name)) {echo $name;}  ?>" />

  7. Think of forum posts here...

    I see


    Can you right it so the check will be for the last 10 seconds?


    If they are double clicking it and I think they are I bet the odds are you'll need less than 10 seconds, you may need less than one second.


    You may need something like this

    PS - You should also disable your button onclick with javascript to prevent double-submission at the client side
  8. floridaflatlander - some clients use the same email for all their department.

    Is it ok for 2 users with the same email to submit topics at the same time. I just don't want that each one of them will submit the same topice twice...


    If that's the case you have to do what ever is unigue. name/title etc.

  9. Hello,


    From time to time I found duplicated records (rows) in my database. Its looks like the user double click on the submit button.

    recently its happen more often so I add code that check when the last submit happened (I save the linux time) and check if there is 10 second delay:


    $query = mysql_query("SELECT create_date FROM `tkts_topics` WHERE (client = '$client') AND (email = '$email') AND (title = '$title') AND ($date - create_date <= 10) LIMIT 0,1");

    if (mysql_num_rows($query))





    I don't know why but its not working.

    is there any better way to prevent double submiting?



    Okay so all you're doing is checking for duplicates right?


    Why do you need to use date in your select, can user name or email and title be enough? Unless I'm wrong it just adds stuff.


    Also I'd use either client or email but not both since a member's name and email are both unique(I would think). So I'd try

    $query = "SELECT title FROM tkts_topics WHERE email = '$email' AND title = '$title' ";

    $r = mysqli_query($dbc, $query);

  10. ... I use $member_id.time() for file(picture) names.


    Actually I use member id then an underscore and then time


    As long as it is UNIQUE and FIXED-WIDTH, I really don't care...


    Well, and it shouldn't advertise "non-public" info like "member ID", so maybe I disagree some...





    Okay #113246

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