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  1. Yes you can generate ERD with PHPMyAdmin. From version 3.4 PHPMyAdmin started supporting this feature. detail step to generate ERD : http://goo.gl/0z3vFE You can refer to PHPMyAdmin documentation for more info: http://www.phpmyadmin.net/documentation/#pmadb
  2. You must already have 1-1 combination in your table. Hence you can not create same row again and that is what Mysql giving the error.
  3. Thanks Guys!! With str_replace i already figure it out like this $string = "%s% % % sent you a Mystery Gift with"; $possibleSearch = array("% %","%% %","% %%"); $possibleValue = array("%%","%%%","%%%"); $newString = str_replace($possibleSearch,$possibleValue,$string); But really i need it with reg_replace function. Any answer appreciated!!! Thanks in Advance
  4. I have a string like below: I want to remove white spaces between % (percent) sign only by using regular expression so that string will look like Thanks in Advance
  5. Hi Rommeo, you can try this $boxitem = 1; $query = "SELECT * FROM table_user WHERE shoppingbox REGEXP '^$boxitem | $boxitem$| $boxitem ' OR shoppingbox =$boxitem"; Suresh
  6. Suppose i have a multidimensional array like: $a = array(array('p', 'h'), array('p', 'r'), 'o'); And i want to search value 'p' from this. Is there any inbuilt function for this in php? I just dont want to write code for this. in_array and array_search do not search in multidimention array. So please help me out this. Thanks in Advance!!!
  7. Hi All, I have to parse html page (through URL) and get the main content of the page like, page title, small description about it and images if any. I have written a small code of Curl, easily available on PHP manaul or on internet. I am getting all the data with curl_exec($crl) function. But it contains complete html of the page. Now i want filter it so that i can get my information. Thanks in Advance!!!
  8. I have created a custom Library function and store it in Application/library/ folder. Now can i call this function in view files? When i try to call it from controller as $this->customlib->functionName(); it is working fine. Now when i call it from view file $this->customlib->functionName(); it give me error as: "Call to a member function functionName() on a non-objec" can anyone help me on this. Thanks in advance!!!
  9. Please can anyone tell me if there is any other editor than FCKeditor. Many Thanks!!!
  10. Hi I think you should prepare a separate table for votes. Which is like this: id question_id answer_id voter_email_id/voters_name In this way you can keep track of votes.
  11. When i try to access with IP address it gives me error as "Forbidden". I have given full rights to the WAMP folder for everyone, but still i am getting the same error.
  12. i want to know how a person in network is going to access the the project in local PC. Suppose i have i created a project in local pc and which i access in browser it like : http://localhost/myproject/ now i want to know how a person in network can access that project in browser. Since it is in my local PC it can not be acess as http://localhost/myproject/ I think now more clear than previous...........
  13. So it can be access by IP like: in network?
  14. i have created a project on wamp server in my local PC and store in root directory. Now i want that people in network can also access that project. Please Let me how to achieve this. Thanks in Advance!!!
  15. Try to use below one SELECT if(currency = '€', (SELECT amount FROM pos WHERE jobRef = '885' order by dateCreated DESC limit 1), 0) AS euroTotal FROM pos WHERE jobRef = '885'")or die(mysql_error()) ;
  16. Hi, You can get it by using function mysql_insert_id();
  17. Does anyone know from where i can download Jquery manual in CHM format? Thanks in Advance!!!
  18. what is the difference between Primary Key and Index Key in MySql ?
  19. Hi all, What is the maximum size of data that we can pass through GET Method? And can we increase its size ?
  20. How we can Read /Write file in Javascript? Thanks in Advance!!
  21. IN() will not work for CSV!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. This query will work for you.. SELECT group_concat( DISTINCT pageid ORDER BY pageid DESC SEPARATOR '|' ) FROM table3 where tagid IN ('3','4') GROUP BY tagid
  23. Hi, i am not very clear about your question, but still suggesting one query for your problem see that it is working for you or not........ SELECT group_concat( DISTINCT pageid ORDER BY pageid DESC SEPARATOR '|' ) FROM table3 GROUP BY tagid
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