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  1. you are correct...I totally forgot that and have fixed my code to have that and to display error messages...thank you for the help!
  2. I am finally making the upgrade from PHP 5.3 to PHP 7.3. When converting over the code I noticed that session some sessions are not being processed. My test code for this is below: session_start(); include ("../includes/connect.inc"); echo "hiiiiiiii: ".$currentDate; echo "Here: ".$_SESSION['user']; if (isset($_SESSION['user'])) { $user = $_SESSION['user']; $currentDate = date("Y/m/d"); } else { echo "Session not started: "; } My include is listed below: $link = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'root', ''); if (!$link) { die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_err
  3. Joins in general are still hard for me to figure out, and I don’t know why. I have the following code in my PHPMyAdmin console, and keep getting an error message: select DISTINCT login.username, login.login_time, players.Player_ID, players.Player_name, players.Player_First_Name, Players.Player_Last_Name, players.player_email INNER JOIN players on login.username=players.Player_ID where login.login_time > ‘2019-09-09’ Basically I am trying to figure out the last people that have logged in to our system within the past year and then will max it out to a certain number like 1000, or 500
  4. Ok I saw what you meant...I added <?php to the front and was getting an error message. I apparently changed my DB name sometime and forgot to update code. Thanks for helping with this.
  5. I changed the file name to connect.php I do have <? and ?> in my connect file I also changed to use the following require 'includes/connect.php'; I also added echo $server and my page is telling me that i have an undefined error Still I am not sure what the problem is
  6. I have a very simple page, where I use the include statement that includes my connection string. The connection string and a variables are not being passed to my test server - (WAMP). My include file is below $server = "servername"; $username = "username"; $password = ""; $database = "dbname"; $portNumber = 3308; $link = mysqli_connect($server,$username,$password,$database,$portNumber); if(!$link) { echo "cannot connet to the server"; } else { echo "This works"; } echo "Hi"; I am including this file with the following code: include ("includes/connect.inc");
  7. I have 2 pages...1 one that has something like 500 checkboxes that list all of the active users in a database. When any number of checkboxes are selected it passes the variables from the checkboxes to the next page, asking for confirmation. Right now I have the 2nd page displaying numbers for the people, but doesn't display the correct entries. The code is below, hopefully it helps: if(isset($_POST['Update'])) //if the update button was pressed { if (isset($_POST['Player_number'])) //checks to see if any checkboxes are selected { //$Pl
  8. I have a list that pulls information from a database. This information is pulled dynamically. There are 4 different list and all 4 different list display the exact same thing...the issue is that only the first list is populating items. I have pasted code below as an example for two of the list. <select name="Winning_Player_1" size="1"> <?php $sql=mysqli_query($con, "Select Player_Number, Player_Name from players order by Player_Name"); while ($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) { unset($Winid1, $WinPlayer1); $Winid1 = $row['Player_Number']; $WinPlayer1 = $ro
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