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  1. Aight - thanks. I'll try and do the import again - this has helped a lot.
  2. Hi, I am creating an import using WP All Import in Wordpress and I've been told by their support that I have to write some custom code to create a nested serialised PHP array. The serialised array has to end up looking like this: s:287:"a:8:{s:5:"price";a:2:{s:5:"value";s:5:"38000";s:8:"original";s:0:"";}s:17:"custom_tax_inside";s:0:"";s:15:"custom_tax_page";s:0:"";s:8:"city_mpg";a:1:{s:5:"value";s:0:"";}s:11:"highway_mpg";a:1:{s:5:"value";s:0:"";}s:12:"custom_badge";s:0:"";s:5:"video";s:0:"";s:10:"short_desc";s:0:"";}"; Can you give me any advice on how I can: a) See what th
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