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  1. kutchbhi

    Parsing JSON data and inserting to MySQL

    For now don't worry about JSON. The following converts JSON into a regular PHP array. An array which has more arrays inside it ( Multidimensional array) //convert json object to php associative array $data = json_decode($jsondata, true); Simple explanation: For an array $carsArr = array( array("Volvo", 22, 18), array("BMW", 15, 13), array("Saab", 5, 2), array("Land Rover", 17, 15) ); $carsArr[0] - first item in the array . Basically $carsArr[0] is equal to ("Volvo", 22, 18) Now $carsArr[0][1] would be the second item of $carsArr[0] . That is '22' here. $carsArr[0][0] would be the - "Volvo " And so on
  2. DI isn't a basic feature of OOP. It's a design principle/technique. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dependency_injection Here is where I got a fair idea about this: https://knpuniversity.com/screencast/dependency-injection
  3. Trying to deeply learn about - dependency injection / factories and other software engineering concepts. My Goal is to architecture my apps better, by writing modular components. I can find plenty of blog posts and random videos about learning these, but It would be great if someone can suggest a proper video series or book for this. Or please just suggest what/where can I search for finding a course for this. As in does this land under 'design patterns ' , 'software architecture' or something else ? Any help ? Thanks
  4. Hello I am using fpdf to generate pdf files based on certain csv files. Now the client wants certain fields of the generated pdf file to be 'interactive' . Is this possible ? Googling about editable (interactive pdf's) only confused me . any help ? btw by interactive I mean fields that can be typed into directly by the client and then saved into the pdf .
  5. kutchbhi

    delete from - a statement with a join

    nvmind I added an index to the pid column and the delete worked fine!
  6. The following query selects the rows that I want to delete- select bad_rows.* from products as bad_rows inner join ( select pid, MAX(last_updated_date) as maxdate from products group by pid having count(*) > 1 ) as good_rows on good_rows.pid= bad_rows.pid and good_rows.maxdate <> bad_rows.last_updated_date; Now to actually delete them I tried changing the first word - 'select' to 'delete', but in this case the query seems to run forever and no rows are deleted. Why ? How else can these rows be deleted? btw what I am trying to do is get rid of duplicates. the selelct query works just fine in selecting the records, all I have to do is figure out a way of deleteting them Thanks
  7. I am building a site that will have a basic form for user submitted content. I would like to screen / moderate the content before it goes live. Is there an existing script that can be just plugged in to my code ? I don't need anything fancy, just a script that would work something like this: load data from a specified table and have a couple of buttons to toggle a columns value from approved to unapproved etc.. Thanks
  8. kutchbhi

    Handling select unescaped insert data in mysqli

    Ah thanks man! I should have seen this myself. Meanwhile I came up with a ghetto solution : using preg_replace to convert the ' to ' and then addslashes to escape it. Works but I think I'll stick with html_entity_decode way.
  9. So I have an old bit of database that is inserting data into a table unescaped. Which means quotes are unescaped. Now I have to do a select with a LIKE comparison on the data. But since the data in the table isn't escaped, I get no match if I escape the data while selecting. Basically the LIKE comparison takes place between "Tom Clancy's: Splinter Cell%" and "Tom Clancy's: Splinter Cell%" Now I am not sure how to handle this . Any suggestions please ? $escapedTitle = $db_connection->escape_string($title) ; $res = select_sql('products', "product_name LIKE '" .$escapedTitle . "%' AND subtitle = '" . $db_connection->escape_string($sub) . "' LIMIT 1") ; Thanks
  10. kutchbhi

    'How' does one use a CMS ?

    This may sound strange, but I really struggle to use ANY php CMS, even though I am fine with frameworks..reason I think is because while using a CMS, I have to google a lot. For every little thing I have to google for several minutes, and keep thinking only if I wasn't using a CMS, I would know exactly what to do... Now I am building another classified like site, a site that could really benefit from a CMS . But I am wary of giving wordpress another try, since I know I'll spend more time googling than coding. So if anyone understands my predicament and can offer some suggestions OR knows what I am doing wrong and can suggest a suitable CMS ? btw I am VERY comfortable with coding in php, its just that CMS seem to require more research than actual coding.. Thanks

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