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  1. ok, it is telling you what you need to know. mysql is no longer used in later php versions, you need to start using PDO
  2. globals are evil. You imaging you have a global variable call $foo; anywher ein your code this could be overriden without you knowing., singletons ove rthe global scope but stop the value being acciendtly overriden
  3. by learning html and css
  4. you want to be using the phones gps not sim. main two contenders are java / android sdk or objective c / swift for iphone
  5. amazing thing google. first hit: http://plugins.jquery.com/fullscreen/
  6. this forum is to help people who wishto learn PHPor are having issues with their current code. You have three options: 1. learn to code what you want 2. google to find what you want 3. pay someone to do what you want But dont expect people here to do the work for you
  7. you need to understand that submitting a form on a stateless page will refresh the page. You want to asynchrousnly submit the data ( submit without reloading the page ) . SO look at using ajax
  8. Are you serious? If you intend to code like this then you might as well quit now. Read up on SQL injection, and this snippet is the mother of them all. Im not going to help you any further on this as it could have dire consequences for anyone using this script.
  9. $(document).ready(function(){ $(function(){ $(".btn-details").on('click', function(){ var idproduto = $(this).data('idproduto'); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "descProduto.php", async: false, dataType: "html", data: {'idproduto': idproduto}, success: function(result){ console.log("success"); console.log(idproduto); }, error: function(){ console.log("error"); } }); return false; }); }); });
  11. and you expect help without showing any code, we are not phycic
  12. it is includes job to 'include' the page. If you want caching then look at something like apc
  13. you are overriding the error_message variable every time you iterate your loop
  14. Sorry, is there a problem? ok i will drop everything i am doing and look through the script you found on the internet. Oh no wait, just realised I don't work for you!!!! This forum is for helping people the LEARN php and solve any issues they have with code that they are working on. Not sorting through random crap they found on the internet. You want someone to blindly fix something for you then post on freelance section and expect to dig into your wallet
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