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  1. Looking for developers interested in being apart of a new project. The project in question is located at www.usingthecode.com. It's kind of like StackOverflow, but I intend to make it more social and intuitive. So far, it's just me! Unfortunately, no "positions" offer pay so this is strictly a time/learning investment. Having said, if you are serious about being part of the project, the first contenders will have a larger stake in whatever the project evolves into. Languages utilized: 1. PHP 2. SQL 3. HTML/CSS 4. JavaScript/jQuery Pay: None Location: Anywhere; work will all be over the internet If you are not a programmer/designer, but are interested in contributing in other ways, just let me know! If you are, knowledge in the above languages are a must. Cheers!
  2. Is there a way to get the count of rows like this? $count = somefunctionthatreturnscount(mysqli_query($mysqli, "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table")); Instead of... $count = mysqli_num_rows(mysqli_query($mysqli, "SELECT id FROM table")); //or even... $count = mysqli_fetch_array(mysqli_query($mysqli, "SELECT COUNT(*) as count FROM table")); Ultimately, I want the method that will get the count the quickest and if can be done similarly to the first code and still have good performance. Thanks in advance! Update: Reported post as duplicate. Need moderate to delete duplicates as that option is not appearing for me.
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