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  1. Yes, thanks, you're quite right. In fact, I had defined the db fields as integers and consequently the leading zeroes were being truncated. When I changed the fields in the db to text, there was no further problem. Thanks for showing me that ctype_digit function: useful to know in any case.
  2. I know this should be easy.... However, to validate a 7-digit phone number, I wrote this: <?php if(!empty($_POST['mobile_number'])) { if(!is_numeric($_POST['mobile_number']) || strlen($_POST['mobile_number']) != 7) { $errors[] = 'Please enter a 7-digit number without spaces or dashes for your <strong>Mobile</strong>.'; } else { $_SESSION['mobile_number'] = $_POST['mobile_number']; } } else { $_SESSION['mobile_number'] = ''; } ... but now I realise that numeric/integer validation won't work because where I am - in Ireland - mobile numbers can start with an initial zero, too. So, the following mobile numbers are possible: 0123456 0224466 How can I ensure that: [*]each digit in the mobile number is numeric [*]an initial zero is possible [*]there are exactly 7 digits I suppose I loop through each digit, ensuring that that digit is numeric and break out of the loop if a non-numeric digit is encountered..? Any suggestions? TIA
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