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  1. Hi All! I have a web application with an aspanel, users can add images, the program automatically make the thumbnail. when user click on thumbnail they can see a pop up modal page. Images are in different sizes, so what I need to achieve is to get the screen resolution or browser visible area and re-size the image according to this resolution. (users could have different type of computer screen with different resolution), I need a Javascript or jquery code. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I was told that I can upload files by using a ajax effect. I mean using a hidden iframe. the problem is I don't fully understand what they are doing and what is happening behind the scenes. They say to make your form target your iframe. the form will post to the iframe. The iframe will be blank it won't have a url etc. So I am cluless as to what is actually happening. How will you be able to submit the data if your posting them to an iframe that is blank??? I want to know the whole concept.
  3. - Currently i developing system using VB and MS SQL DB - Now,i want convert my VB system into PHP.So i want convert my MS SQL DB into MySQL - Anyone here can give me the tutorial how to convert that DB??
  4. Hello! I have two tables, sites and directory. The first table (sites) has the following related fields: id, active (BOOL), name, userID. The directory table has the following related fields: id, userID, siteID. The feature I'm creating will allow users to select one of their active sites that is not already in the directory from a dropdown, and add it to the directory. So the SQL statement must select rows from the sites table that have id's that do NOT match a row with the same siteID in the directory[ table. The selected sites must also match a single user ID, where both tables have a userID field (as shown above). How would I go about doing this? Thanks
  5. Hi, I want to generate a JPG image and may b with some submit button want to upload the generated Image into a server. I do know how to generate an image in PHP, but how to upload the same directly to server -Regards
  6. Ok, what I'm doing here is driving traffic to my site via advertising but I need to avoid increasing my bounce rate, so I want to send the traffic to a page with the script to spoof the referrer so that it shows up in my analytics as if it came from another page on my site, and then send them on to the page I want them to land on. The reason being that high bounce rates have a negative effect on ranking, and traffic from advertising is always going to have a higher bounce rate than organic search traffic. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  7. Im wondering if SQL / PHP is the right way to go about doing this. I have a database of users in MySQL and my PhP login script is working ok , but, I would like each user to be redirected to there own page after login. Is it possible to extract a the string from say "webpage" field in my database and then redirect the user to a url using that string? If its possible what commands should I be looking at from a tutorial point of view. Im a noob at this but its a lot of fun, a point in the right direction would be great. Thanks
  8. Hello, I run a fairly large & popular community based website but currently cannot afford to pay someone to update my import scripts (php/mysql), which import data from affiliates to populate a table in our database. Problem is the partners/affiliates are sometimes changing their schema, which they have done recently. I'm therefore currently inserting the data manually, but its taking a good 5 minutes a row, and there are thousands of rows ahead of me. I'm therefore wondering if there is available software that allows you to import data by simply matching fields in a csv file to the database fields? Some rows would need to be new, some rows would need just a few fields updating. Is there software that can do this? It would need to fuzzy match a 'Name' field for each row etc. There are some linked tables but I could bypass those for now. I realise i could be clutching at straws here but any info would be appreciated. Many thanks!
  9. I'm not exactly sure how to do this with CSS, and I'm having trouble googling about it too because I'm not sure what it's called. What I want to do is have a line going across my div separating different elements of text. Basically, what I am going for is exactly how the DIC comments section is set up on your profile page. Is this a special element or do they use an image? I'd really like to do it without an image, is this possible? Thanks for the help!
  10. I'm designing a browser game. When a user right clicks an object in my game I would like to be able to have a menu come up. Is it possible to override the right click event only for the canvas and still allow normal right click functions outside of the canvas? Thanks
  11. I am relatively new to GUI programming and when I have multiple buttons in the same class I usually use if statements using getSource() in order to see what button is referencing the action listener and then delegate specifics on what to do. Is there a way I can set individual action listeners to each button or is the most efficient way to use getSource
  12. Hello! Can someone show me how to do a user input for arrays. I need a program that the user would input 20 double numbers and then average them. I need help with creating the user input statement in the code. If someone can show me an example it would be great. Thank you!!
  13. I'm trying to put two divs side by side. I want the div on the right to take up as much room as it needs (php echos code for an image in this div, so the width needs to be variable for images of different widths) and the one on the left to take up whatever room is left. I can't get it to work without setting the width of the left div in advance, though. Is what I'm asking possible?
  14. How would i factor out a quadratic equation so that this happened using javascript? ax^2+bx+c i want to factor this to (qx + n)(gx + v) where q n g and v are named at random I know how to get the zeros or solutions, but I want to find the factored form itself. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Hello all, I was wondering how to do this: Enter values into and submit a form on site B from site A (using Javascript) Load the resulting url into the current site (site A) (using Javascript) I have no idea if this is possible with Javascript, but any help would be much appreciated. If it is not possible with Javascript, what language would I need to do it in? Thanks in advance!
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