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  1. You can get it for free if you contribute to / lead an open source project
  2. I don't know what time you eat "dinner" or when you get off from work, but where I come from, dinner is at 6pm. If you mean the American version of "lunch", then I'm jealous you get to drink and return to lunch Very interesting concept to stand, I've never seen/heard of this. I abuse my desk chairs, so maybe I'd save some money by standing!
  3. How are you setting the font? I don't see a reference to it. Do FPDF docs state any directions for font name declarations (you mentioned using _ so I assume that gave you cause)?
  4. It's not as feature-rich as the java based editors. but it's very light, cross platform (works best on Linux), and quick. I work primarily on the server-side and opening / saving files is about as quick as it is locally. If you don't have 2.2.3 in your repos i have a x64 deb if you need.
  5. I've tried many times to use Zend, Eclipse, PhpStorm, but I find that java based editors are extremely heavy and slow - especially when working on remote systems. Even sublime text is retardedly slow in my experience this way. Even though it doesn't have the best folding / scaffolding capbilities and doesn't highlight / fold HTML5, BlueFish has been the best editor i've used. In regards to the whole light vs dark argument, I'm voting with the anti-vampires on this one. I hate sitting in the dark and I absolutely abhor darkly themed sites / programs. I'm glad as hell to see a huge surge in the blue/gray/white schemes being used everywhere lately as opposed to the black sites that were the fad before it.
  6. Step 1) Get rid of a new form for every student Step 2) Add the student's id to the radios '<input type="radio" name="attendance[$row['id']]" value="1">Accepted</input>'. '<input type="radio" name="attendance[$row['id']]" value="2"> Not accepted</input>'. '<input type="radio" name="attendance[$row['id']]" value="3"> Tardy</input>'. Step 3) On form submit, catch and do whatever the hell you want.
  7. Do you have any experience in development? I'm not sure how to approach answering you.
  8. There are loads of problems with what you have posted. The most blatant issue is going to be how you have called your forms - there is one for every student. The second issue is you are creating an array `attendance`, but you don't fill it with anything unique to identify it on the processing side. To answer some of your questions: 1) You put the submit button at the end of the form - wherever you want that to be. 2) Each student is going to have a value, look there 3) When you figure that out, it'll all make sense
  9. then you need a method to store the filepath, filename, and file extension so it can be recalled.
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