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  1. You can get it for free if you contribute to / lead an open source project
  2. Step 1) Get rid of a new form for every student Step 2) Add the student's id to the radios '<input type="radio" name="attendance[$row['id']]" value="1">Accepted</input>'. '<input type="radio" name="attendance[$row['id']]" value="2"> Not accepted</input>'. '<input type="radio" name="attendance[$row['id']]" value="3"> Tardy</input>'. Step 3) On form submit, catch and do whatever the hell you want.
  3. Do you have any experience in development? I'm not sure how to approach answering you.
  4. There are loads of problems with what you have posted. The most blatant issue is going to be how you have called your forms - there is one for every student. The second issue is you are creating an array `attendance`, but you don't fill it with anything unique to identify it on the processing side. To answer some of your questions: 1) You put the submit button at the end of the form - wherever you want that to be. 2) Each student is going to have a value, look there 3) When you figure that out, it'll all make sense
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