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  1. Well, I'm not trying to update the database at all. Just query it, and make sure today's date doesn't fall on a designated W or H day...and if it does fall on one of those days, increment 1 more day, query again, and repeat until it doesn't.


    Make sense?


    No. If you don't update the database, you'll query the same row and (as far as mysql gives a hoot) do nothing over and over and over and over again. It will never meet your criteria of "until it doesn't".

  2. should i just install the os on top of windows after partitioning my hdd?

    do i need a program like a boot loader

    Make sure you install your chosen distribution AFTER windows, as Windows has a greedy bootloader that will not pick up your other OS's. (Most) All distros come with a bootloader (commonly GRUB2 or LILO) and will install it for you (in case you have multiple disks, you'll typically want it in the root of the disk that has your OSes [commonly sda]).


    i tried dual bootin it after win7 with ubuntu but it just goes to blank screen when i boot the iso from usb

    This doesn't make sense. If you installed Ubuntu onto a USB, you'll need to boot from the USB after your BIOS posts. You will not have a GRUB entry in your hard disk for a USB distro because it's OS PROBER will not locate it on a USB.


    Note that you need half your hard drive free, if you have a lot of music or something on the drive it won't work.

    You only really need 15gb or so for a linux install. Having 100mb of empty space before the partition is very helpful and some *nix versions (BSD) will not install without it.

  3. anyone?


    or a clue on goin bout this?


    You haven't identified a problem. There are several approaches to this sort of thing, so instead of waiting for somebody to rewrite or copy and test your code, why don't you suggest where we can help you. (And this time, please use punctuation properly so we can understand.)

  4. Foremost, I suggest you grab/use yourself a live editing tool so you can do tweaks while you're looking at the page (firebug, etc).


    The error you have is a failure in math. Each of your elements are getting 23% width, with the first 3 elements get 2.7% of right margin. That gives 100.1% width.

  5. Your forms don't post to the same method, so CI will not be expecting to cross-validate. You are however, not even validating the login form.


    You can however, rename the fields to whatever you want, as they do NOT need to be semantic with your db rows. For example, you can name your login email form "login_email" and likewise "reg_email". I would also recommend changing the error return value for your validators.


    // from THIS in two spots
    $this->form_validation->set_rules('email', 'Email', 'trim|required|valid_email');
    // to this for now
    $this->form_validation->set_rules('email', 'Registration Email', 'trim|required|valid_email')


    Furthermore, your labels are incredibly wrong. Your following:

    echo form_label('',  'email',  array('type'=>'text'));

    Creates this:

    <label for='email' type="text"></label>


    Do this instead

    echo form_label('Form_label_text', 'form_field');

    To create

    <label for="form_field">Form_label_text</label>

  6. Site looks absolutely horrid. Looks like it was made in 1996. It's 2012 now, get with the program, use css3 and resort to a javascript non-fall back features while staying slim with html 5.


    Do you enjoy running around like an asshole spewing vomit from every orifice? There's nothing wrong with his site, and it doesn't merit such a jackass reply as this.

  7. Like Adam said, CSS support for this is definitely slow. The biggest hurdle is that unless you're using a monospaced font, neither a PHP nor JS approach will work 100% of the time with an absolutely defined element size. You can get relatively close, so it's best to keep it flexible with something like a min-height or similar.

  8. Foremost, I don't understand your usage with the 'error deliminators' - are you expecting to use newlines?



    $u= $this->input->post('username');
    $p= $this->input->post('password');
    $username = trim($u);
    $password = trim($p);


    Can be replaced with:

    $this->form_validation->set_rules('username','First Name','required|trim');
    $this->form_validation->set_rules('password','Last Name','required|trim');


    Now, in order to determine why it's failing, I suggest you query for the username that matches the input value and echo out the password in its row AND the hashed POST value. If the two do not match, then you need to figure out where the problem starts.

  9. My conversion rate is very high in comparison to a 2.2% rate for traditional shopping sites; I just can't get past the fact that it could be better if I didn't have so many visitors thinking "agh, no thanks!" within the first 5 seconds.


    No offense, but I wonder how many of them are really coming in for a nostalgic laugh. When I seen the topic of this thread in THIS forum, i knew I had to click it just to see why somebody would build a site / have a business for video tape repair. I mean, the last tape produced was like, what... 10 years ago?


    But I viewed your site, was able to read all the information pertinent to what you do, said "okay, neat" and moved on. I think what I just did could likely account for what you're experiencing.

  10. Unless you changed the theme on your desktop to mobile, it'll auto-switch from large to mobile when you're on a recognized device.


    Well, I assumed it would poll my mobile, and maybe it did. I run a custom ROM + Kernel and use FF Mobile, so maybe it defaulted to standard. In fact, even in large view in FF the context menu gives the option to "Request Desktop Site", so perhaps this is an anomaly.


    Edit. I downloaded another browser, and it detected the mobile version. So I suppose Firefox mobile is the cause here. I'm going to just shrug and wonder if there wouldn't be enough cause for a 'mobile view' link in the footer.

  11. Didn't for me. I spent 3 hours at the DMV this afternoon so I wasn't even on the same IP, and had the theme as mobile view. When I got home and fired up the PC, it was in mobile view. And now opening my phone again, the phone is back to large view. Unless I've missed the other "mobile view" button, that's what I have.

  12. Not that it's a terrible concern, but if you change the theme on one computer/device it applies to all versions. While this sounds rudamentary, the issue is the mobile view is a theme setting. Like I said, not a major concern, but it would be nice if the theme was cookie reliant instead of account reliant as each time users switch platforms the theme needs to be changed.

  13. even if you used an API to check cross server, if the end user has the code, they have the code. there are better ways to profit from your work without trying to figure how to control it. look at the major entertainment studios: sure their products are infringed by some users, but a majority of people will pay for quality products.

  14. the margin actually exists. the problem is with your floated elements, as they are removed from the natural flow of the document, thus giving you the impression the margin isn't being applied. the answer to this is a 'clearfix'. You can go the old-school way and do a `<div class="clear"></div>` or you can go "semantic" and add your clears to a psuedo element like ':after'.

  15. yes, im aware of using classes, i was hoping that it would be doable without...


    That's fine, but it's obviously causing more strain to figure this out than throw a class at it where you can guarantee the results. Path of least resistence is preferred IMO

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