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  1. ...l go out for a big dinner and have a pint or two. Then when we get back ...

    I don't know what time you eat "dinner" or when you get off from work, but where I come from, dinner is at 6pm. If you mean the American version of "lunch", then I'm jealous you get to drink and return to lunch :o


    Very interesting concept to stand, I've never seen/heard of this. I abuse my desk chairs, so maybe I'd save some money by standing!

  2. You've never seen an inbox with pagination?


    I skimmed your post and misread it initially and neglected to edit that out.


    Adding sent and read status options is just a matter of extending the database or modifying the query. In regards to `read status`, I generally like to use a boolean value (1=read, 0=unread) that the application will update. On that same note, you could apply the same concept to `visibility` if you want to keep all messages regardless if they've been marked 'deleted'.


    You have to approaches when it comes to grabbing the messages sent to and by a user. You could separate the queries depending on if the user is on his 'inbox' or 'sent box', which just applies the user's `user_id` to the different column. Or, you could grab both columns and sort them depending on where their id falls.


    Give it a try, and post any code you have problems with.

  3. what does an inbox/messaging system have to do with pagination? Just create simple table with row id, from_user_id, to_user_id, and message. Based on a user's ID, you query the table for messages to them. if there are more than the desired amount of returned messages, you'll need to set a query string which manages the limits in your query.


    you can read a tutorial on pagination here by PHPF's own .josh


    Not sure what you're really going for here.

  4. And you have completely missed the point and context of that statement because you don't understand business.


    You're quite incorrect there, and you've missed the entire purpose of my argument.  There's a reason javascript frameworks are bloated with code specifically for IE.  There's a reason the "shiv" market is expansive.  There's a reason massively-scaled entities are dropping support for old versions.  IE is the only browser that has this issue, why is that even debated?  Cheers for IE bringing 9 and 10 (eventually) to the market place, what these are/will be are what the previous versions should have been. 


    It's my opinion that the development community should foster and promote the growth of the web, instead of holding on to the old and out-dated.  You want to talk about business sense? How about not dedicating resources to worry about defunct browsers.


    You may hold on to jQuery 1.99 with IE6 support, but I won't.  I congratulate everybody who focuses on the future without hanging onto old baggage.

  5. ...I mean seriously...who the fuck are you to decide what's best for someone else? 

    I am a creator of the web.  Users come to MY sites to view MY product how I designed it.  Use a fucking browser that works.


    And this right here demonstrates your failure to understand business 101.  If 50% of your customers don't like mustard as the default ingredient on your burger, you don't tell them to suck it up, you take the fucking mustard off as the default condiment.  Or you watch your customers and your paycheck walk out the door as they go to other places who cater to them.  You serve the customer, not the other way around.


    Development / design are not hotdogs - there is no recipe.  Users do not know what they want, nor how they want it, so your point is completely invalid.  There's a billion-dollar business out there who's (departed) CEO's mission statement was

    people don?t know what they want until you show it to them.
  6. It just boggles my mind how some of you really think it's a good idea to force updates.  You guys just can't see past your own editor and how much harder it is for you to do your job, can't see the bigger picture.

    This is where you've had too much of the MS PR Kool-aid.  My disdain for the browser has nothing to do with how hard it makes my job, it's about how shitty it makes the internet.  From gaping security holes to "compatibility" mode, IE has always been a step behind in delivering Web 2.0.


    ...I mean seriously...who the fuck are you to decide what's best for someone else? 


    I am a creator of the web.  Users come to MY sites to view MY product how I designed it.  Use a fucking browser that works.



  7. Why would you NOT have silent updates?  Because maybe sometimes updates involve changes to things that end users might not agree with?  What if one of these "updates" involve sending data to them that you don't want to be sent? What if these "updates" involve having to suddenly start paying for it? What if the "update" sported a new interface that you really fucking hated, or made a lot of your favorite addons no longer compatible?  The list goes on and on.  Why am I even arguing this..  I, as the user, should have the choice on whether or not to upgrade, how is this not common sense?


    If you tell me you read the changelog to a kernel on your nix server, I'll buy it. But if you're trying to tell me/us that you proof every changelog for your FF, I call bullshit.  A majority of updates are bugfixes and vulnerability updates, there's a reason they're pushed.  They are also updates/upgrades to the browser engine which are vital to the living web.


    I get your point about you being the user, but 99.9% of the time, you, the user, don't have a fucking clue about what you need.


    Good for them, and I'm not saying I'm against this.  But I'm willing to stake my left nutsack on the fact that people will stop upgrading to the latest version of jQuery, so as to keep support for older browsers, since at the end of the day, it's about the user, not the developer.


    I will only give you partial credit for this.  Those who are still on the MS PR teet will do so, continuing to cater to a) communist china and b) ignorant masses.  It is the responsibility of web creators to steer the web and leave behind old habits.


    With many corporations running enterprise solutions on their computers through intranets, it makes business sense NOT to update.  Aside from those scenarios, it makes little sense why batch updates couldn't be pushed out.  Holy hell, how long has IE8 and 9 been out?


    Please clarify, because I don't understand...do you mean to say that users currently don't have the option to upgrade?  Because that is just false.  The general windows updates try to prompt you to upgrade.


    After how long, .josh?  When are these updates released?  IE10 is the closest MS has gotten to "standards" and it won't even be out until Win8!  What about 7 users?  XP??  The problem is that MS did not have the forethought to include the ability for updates to the browser without major releases or SPs.    Had this been an option, I guarantee IE8 have would seen engine modifications to adapt to the newer specs.


  8. At this point, the only thing that really sucks about IE is that so many people use older versions of it instead of upgrading, and who's fault is that?  Of course, it's totally Microsoft's fault, because, Microsoft is evil and sucks.  /rolleyes.


    It is indeed MS's fault. Why would you NOT have silent updates?  Corporate IT departments have their systems on lock-down, which doesn't even allow users to upgrade to newer versions of IE!  At least if MS had silent updates they could be batched in.


    BTW, jQuery is dropping IE8 too.


    I'm sorry, but you can't really blame Microsoft for not FORCING people to update, and I personally would avoid a company that FORCES me to do it.  This is me speaking as a USER.


    The mere option would be beneficial.

  9. *Mahngiel likes nano. I've never felt the need to use a shell editor, seems too 1980s.  Instead, I uses an SFTP capable editor (bluefish isn't the most feature-rich, but it works with remote files very fast).  [/me]


    Hopefully you find a reasonable answer, though.


    edit: lol @ the [me][/me] tag

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