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  1. Q: What is the visibility of this class function: function set_name(){}

        * public

    Q: Who / What can access private properties or methods?

        * only the class itself

    Q: Who / What can access protected properties or methods?

        * Class itself, parents, children

    Q: Who / What can access public properties or methods?

        * Everybody :yay:

  2. like i've told you before, if you've set it manually, it'll be visible through something like firebug.


    However, displaying something over a modal defeats the purpose of the modal.  Also, if you set the modal parent's z-index, every one of it's children becomes +1 to the value you've set.


    But if for some reason you'd like a toolbar (or other random element) to be over the modal, then be sure to set it's value higher than the modal.  You're writing the CSS, so you should know it's value anyway.  And if you get lost, just give it a look up.

  3. permissions determine who has access to read, write, and execute the file or in the directory.  This has three sections: Owner, Group, Others and illustrated by a 10 'digit' association.


    Where the green d only applies if the item is a... directory. The absence of a character in the chain denotes removed permissions.


    ownership is determined by the creator of the file


    group permissions is determined by the groups associated with the creator of the file


    users A user's id / group determines if they have access to a file as determined by the permissions illustrated above.


    Your problem is that your web server (typically group www or www-data) does not have the proper permissions to write the image you are requesting.  There are two scenarios as to why:

    [*]The folder is not writable by the user

    [*]The file is not writable by the user


    There are a slue of ways to fix this.  Changing permissions of the folder, the file, changing groups, changing ownership. 

  4. Ok, thanks for that, Barand.  Using cases and unions were something I have never needed to use before, and wasn't sure which would be the best way to go.  How many case columns would you figure to be ridiculous before deciding to go the union route?  (I will have 4 api resources to join)

  5. So hey... on the new board, can signatures be prominently distinguished from post bodies? Myself and countless others have to constantly defend our signature contents from unsuspecting forum users who cannot tell the difference.

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