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  1. I'm going to receive some info via email ( like: name, address, job, email, etc ). I want to make from each email I receive a post. So I need to make a standard template for the description area so that I could enter only the data that is new in each email. The question: where can I / how can I make something like this? Yes a table code in html I think would be an option but I don't know how to write the code for it.
  2. I'm looking for a Wordpress plugin that once set up can upload videos ( from a certain place ) to my Youtube account using the api. Do you have any ideas of something like this ... or something next to it? Also if you can program something like this ... let me know.
  3. I made a daily deal site that I update with the latest coupons that I find. You can find it here http://discountstandard.com/ What do you think about it?
  4. I have this script http://codecoupondiscount.com/ and I want to make a new design for it. Also I want a mobile edition for it. I would like the design to be similar to couponcodes.com - light blue/gray colors - black text. Would like the mobile site to use the same color scheme. So I want the template to be integrated in the script ( in a .zip file ), with option in the Admin, so that I can change from the actual template to the new one. This way if I install the script ( the .zip file) on any domain I would have the 2 templates available. I also want to know how can I add the template on an existing domain - you might have to do it. Budget: under 250$
  5. I voted for Dreamweaver. As I not to much of a coder it helps to see in the program how the changes take effect. If not Dreamweaver then notepad ... but only when knowing what I'm doing and working on servers.
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