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  1. I'm going to receive some info via email ( like: name, address, job, email, etc ). I want to make from each email I receive a post. So I need to make a standard template for the description area so that I could enter only the data that is new in each email. The question: where can I / how can I make something like this? Yes a table code in html I think would be an option but I don't know how to write the code for it.
  2. I'm looking for a Wordpress plugin that once set up can upload videos ( from a certain place ) to my Youtube account using the api. Do you have any ideas of something like this ... or something next to it? Also if you can program something like this ... let me know.
  3. I made a daily deal site that I update with the latest coupons that I find. You can find it here http://discountstandard.com/ What do you think about it?
  4. I have this script http://codecoupondiscount.com/ and I want to make a new design for it. Also I want a mobile edition for it. I would like the design to be similar to couponcodes.com - light blue/gray colors - black text. Would like the mobile site to use the same color scheme. So I want the template to be integrated in the script ( in a .zip file ), with option in the Admin, so that I can change from the actual template to the new one. This way if I install the script ( the .zip file) on any domain I would have the 2 templates available. I also want to know how can I add the template on an existing domain - you might have to do it. Budget: under 250$
  5. I have a download youtube site http://downloadvideoasmp3.com/ I would like to review an tell me what can be done to be improved.
  6. So I would like it as a custom script or as a wordpress plugin. The features are: I would like to build a social network. The main to features I’m interested in: 1. Member can join only by invitation. The person that invites another person must write a review about the invited person, add a photo, what he does, share the name and contact: email, phone, city, connected to ( until here all these is mandatory in order for the person to join the network ) and website link ( optional ). Only then the person that is invited will receive an email with a link from where to register his account. ( this only for members that will have the right to invite others. For the other type only the admin has the right to make it from just a member, a member with invitation rights. In this case the member will receive an email with a link registration ). The review of a member can be edited only the member who introduced that person in the network ( and the admin ). In case of any edit there will be a notification for the admin with the original version and the new version. The admin of the site has to allow the modification in order for the review to change. 2. The person that is already in the network can invite a number of … ( this will be fixed and determined by the admin. However the admin can raise the number of invitation for a particular member at his will ). This applies for the 2 types of invitations. There will be 2 types of invitations: to join the network and have the right to invite others OR only member ( no right to invite others ). When a person registers to the network, the one who invited him will have one less invitation for the type of member he introduced ( member with invitation rights or member ). If a member wants to invite more people than his invitation are, then it can purchase invitations ( both types ) for different prices ( example: 1 invitations 10$, 2 invitations – 40$ - value determined by the admin ). So a payment integration is needed ( Paypal ). The exception for all this: if a visitor wants to join the network without any invitation he can only pay his way in. However this option will be displayed on the public pages. After payment confirmation the visitor can be redirected to the register page. Admin will make the account active. A sign “paying member” will be shown on this member profile page. After a member is registered and logs in to his account will have the right to: - Add more photos - Add more website links - Add more details at his contact information - Change his unique number. - Have the option to add members ( both types ) - Add updates to his wall. - Search and contact other members via email. So once you log in to the account there is no restriction ( within the network ) or no difference from what you can do on other social sites. Search: First the search will be done in the reviews and after that on the post that members made. The search results will be displayed in the same order ( the words from the reviews will have priority and after that will be displayed the content from posts – that will be arranged in chronologic order – last one will be the first ). But a member can filter those results – review only or posts only. Sponsored bids will be displayed first. The handshake section: Here you will be notified if one of your “looking for” or “offering” announces has expired. When expired the announcement can’t be find on searches or on your profile page. The notification will be active for 7 days. By active I mean: if you click the notification it will take you to the announcement and there you will have an option – make active ( so that other can find the announcement in their searches or in your profile ) another 30 days. The Admin section: The site will be default “no robots” ( not indexed by search engines ). However an option should be in the admin to switch from off “no robots”. This option will apply only for the internal part – profile pages. The pages and link on the first page ( what is public ) can be indexed by search engines. A simple editor from where you can create pages ( something like the section pages in Wordpress ). Any page you create will appear on the first page. After a period of time a member with invitation rights will receive invitation. Example: after one year you will have an extra one invitation for both types of member. What is needed in the admin: a section from where you can modify this time ( time should be in months and the admin will enter the number – example if he puts 1 – that means after 1 month will receive invitation. There should be 2 sections: one time for members that can invite, and one for members only ). A section where you can limit the number of entries for “looking for” and “offering” The section from where you can edit the html code. An option to send newsletters. You will receive and email if another person contacted you via internal email section. Option to delete members.
  7. I voted for Dreamweaver. As I not to much of a coder it helps to see in the program how the changes take effect. If not Dreamweaver then notepad ... but only when knowing what I'm doing and working on servers.

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