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  1. My apologies, clearly Vim has a plenitude of features I'm not utilizing. But as far as auto-complete goes, I find it indispensable. But perhaps my ability to memorize an absurd number of API's is sub-par
  2. Wow, I'm suprised Dreamweaver got this many votes, even if the topic is almost 4 years old. Didn't even realize they still make it. From my experience you're better off with Vim (which I do use for quick edits of config files but find lacking as an IDE). That said, the single feature I find most useful in an IDE is code completion. I suffer from what we Dutch refer to as "geheugen als een goudvis", which compares one's short term memory to the proposed 3 seconds of retention a goldfish possesses. Unfortunately this is also the feature that provides the biggest challenge to IDE developers in terms of performance when library size approaches he gigabyte. I've tried quite a few. PHPStorm seems perform best right now. ZSfE was awesome featurewise, I might give it another try to see if it performs better now
  3. The polls probably needs Aptana as an option. I know at least three people that use that.
  4. Maybe you should close it, unsticky, and restart with a link to this? I agree the current value of the results is pretty close to 0.
  5. True, everybody does this whether they admit it or are even aware of it or not. But this is a first impression, opposing impressions (such as of the *actual* intelligence of a person) may follow. Nothing interesting about it, just painfully shortsighted. I mean, I'm all for some level of generalization (all Americans are fascist pigs!) because without some level you can never think in terms larger than your immediate environment (unless you're a supercomputer, in which case you should be banned because bots aren't allowed to post), but rejecting someones education of choice because of their appearance is not just generalization, this is blind willful ignorance of an individuals capabilities based on a generalization. Of course the brutish looking people are stealing all our jobs and women, so I guess it is allowed out of pure spite.
  6. [quote]If you have some guy in a school and he is a brutish looking guy, why teach him Alegrbra? The school should be sticking that guy in a machine shop to learn welding or how to rip apart a car[/quote] Eh. So.. if it were up to you people's career should be predetermined by their builds?
  7. How so? It is quite possible to generate queries that will work using different SQL flavours. The key is though to NOT use any straight SQL. One interface is used to do the CRUD operations, different driver adapters for different RDBMS flavours will generate different SQL. It is not rocket science, just a LOT of work. What I would recommend is creating a wrapper around PDO, creating a separate adapter for MySQLi. Indeed some stupid hosts have MySQLi enabled but not PDO. But the two are similar enough to create a wrapper around both to get a unified interface. I would use the PDO interface as the base for it. I recently had to create a wrapper around mysqli for Doctrine (the current version really only supports PDO, but they do use a wrapper and a separated interface, which made it possible to create a wrapper around MySQLi that basically implemented the PDO methods that Doctrine uses, but with MySQLi as the backend.
  8. 你好,我想加入您的網站,但我不知道英語。我應該怎麼辦?
  9. Give it a rest, he made something out of boredom, I imagine he cares less about XssMe warnings. Maybe find a different hobby? -- gotta be something you like to other than running Firefox plugins against random sites and colouring text. Wait, colouring, now there's an idea! I'm sure you can put that talent to better use.
  10. Perhaps this topic will help you: http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php/topic,227128.0.html Just need to squeeze in an end date and it should drop in nicely I think.
  11. I doubt they use flash for this purpose though. Hardly any smart phones sport flash.
  12. Although I imagine macs to be very popular for similar reasons as well:
  13. Pardon? You're saying generic hardware behaviour that can be described as "slipping", "sliding", "wiring" and "opening" exists? I bet you didn't know that on Linux your hardware also "tickles" and "vibrates" (hence the increasing popularity amongst the ladies).
  14. I use (Zend Studio for) Eclipse. Runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.
  15. Considering there are people who prefer coding in vim, let's just say it's a matter of preference. I personally prefer Ubuntu.
  16. I think he's claiming a "mac" is a superior platform for Web development. In other words, talking gibberish.
  17. [quote author=phpSensei link=topic=106377.msg945281#msg945281 date=1216742041] edit: I need to get a life. [/quote] That's the first sensible thing you've said, ever.
  18. Next thing you know you're gonna tell me that usernames 'must contain at least one letter' or 'can't start with a number'...
  19. Oh. Him again. Oh my god that guy is a loser. Oooooh no way jose. Oh, you're serious? (walks away in hysterical laughter) Women find endless use that sound.
  20. 448191


    It would help if showed us some of the code that illustrates where the problem lies. Possibly this can be sorted with utf8_encode/utf8_decode or mbstring extension. It is also important to know what the source of the string is. Possibly your problem could simply be solved by doing something like: imagettftext($captha, 20, 0, 10, 20, $black, $font, utf8_encode($text)); If not, you have to provide a little more info.
  21. Yeah, I disconnect my keyboard when I'm feeling really hardcore.
  22. Like I said, there are UML diagrams that should give you a better OOA experience.... But hey... If you need any specific help withi PD or CD just asj (specific questions)... I know there are people other than that are very well capable to answer it for you.
  23. Start with a basic package diagram (that includes package dependencies), then start adding classes, then add relations and attributes and operations relevant to those relations. Eventually add the remaining operations and attributes, press generate and start coding.
  24. I don't have much time to reply right now, I have to go to work.. I think most of it is pretty straightforward. A helpdesk / live support might be a little over the top. I've seen many sites use it, but I think it only frustrates when you start the app and there's nobody online. You can't be online all the time, can you? (Here we go again ) I don't see the use of addional cookies if you setup you session management system to use cookies. Why would you want to do that? Try making a basic class diagram. There are other types of UML better suited for OOA at this level, but I can't help you with those. Maybe Jenk or utexas_pjm can help you with that.
  25. I don't think Attilitus is talking about an ORDBMS. An ORDBMS simply allows custom data types, and allows 'joining' of tables in an OO way (that is if I understand the theory correctly, I don't have any practical experience with it). He's talking about serializing objects and letting an ORM system handle their relations, something that could be made RDBMS independant using a DB abstaction layer.
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