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  1. I'm gonna throw in my controversial opinion as usual and say: [b]don't mind validation[/b] (just yet). It is not your mayor concern. This site has waaaaay to many DESIGN issues to worry about validation at this time. Don't get me wrong, I do feel producing valid (x)html is important, but it doesn't deserve any focus RIGHT NOW. Your design is absolutely terrible. When you have a good looking and functional design, THEN worry about validation. You'll eventually get to point where your designs always validate because of your skill level, but trust me, focus on DESIGN first. Always tackle the mayor stuff first, if only for encouragement. Visible results motivate. That's the way the mind works.
  2. I'm not going to comment on the design (I'm lazy right now, al you have to do is ask and you'll get the full length review), but I can comment on the HTML: it's crooked. No doctype, no namespace, both upper and lowercase tags and attributes, cluttering of width and heigth attributes when unnessary, etc... It's Xhtml nor Html, it's a mess.
  3. Hate to sound like an echo, but I concur. TinyMCE rules.
  4. [quote author=satya61229 link=topic=111200.msg450839#msg450839 date=1160639337] I want to use compression. [/quote] That we've established. Like I said, gzip works fine with ajax requests. Why do you say it doesn't work? [url=http://www.mnot.net/javascript/xmlhttprequest/]Here[/url]'s a link that tests XmlHttpRequest capabilities, you'll see that it supports Gzip on on at very least IE and FF.
  5. Yes, you probably need to adjust php's time out limit. But, if your asking: how do I halt the browser untill the process is complete, use a [u]synchronous[/u] request. Not recommended BTW. But what in heavens sake are you doing that takes up to two minutes? That's madness.
  6. [quote author=satya61229 link=topic=111200.msg450450#msg450450 date=1160574654] Now my problem is compression does not work with Ajax. Reason is understandable. [/quote] Like ober implied, gzip compression works fine on ajax requests. The browser will decompress anything that has an Encoding: Gzip header. Using ob_gzhandler as a callback for outputbuffering should include this HTTP header automaticly.
  7. [quote author=neylitalo link=topic=110893.msg449493#msg449493 date=1160427363] Gentlemen, gentlemen... keep it above the belt, no biting, and just behave in general ;) [/quote] I'm behaving, am I not?  ??? A [b]friendly [/b]discussion never killed anybody. If I offended anybody (I don't see how), I appologize. Let's all grab a beer and make up, like men do (if there's anything to make up for - otherwise can we still have the beer? :P). 
  8. [quote author=Crayon Violent link=topic=110893.msg449484#msg449484 date=1160426721] and i still disagree about the bandwidth.  all my research into it points to dvi having higher bandwidth capabilities than vga.  [/quote] You may be right about that, like I said, [u]as far as I know[/u], VGA doesn't have a bandwith limit. I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time, LOL...  :P I recall it being more or less equal to RGB, which I KNOW doesn't have a bandwith limit. Anyway, we're pretty much in agreement I feel.
  9. [quote author=ober link=topic=110893.msg449478#msg449478 date=1160426176] Besides CV... you're going up against a PHPFreaks Recommended member... you're just a Global Mod *finger twirl* ;) *snicker* [/quote] LOL  ;D.... Don't start power playing me you brut...  :P
  10. [quote author=Crayon Violent link=topic=110893.msg449468#msg449468 date=1160424240] a dvi is a digital connection.  a vga is an analog connection.  with a digital connection, the signal is either on or off, no in-between.  with vga, you can get partial/fuzzy signals (what you would get if you use the poor quality vga cables that you mentioned, for instance).  when you have a vga cable, the signal going from your computer to your monitor is converted from a digital signal to an analog signal. this creates a small amount of signal loss.  if you have a digital monitor, and you are using a vga connection, you are getting twice the signal loss, because the computer has to convert the signal from digital to analog, then your monitor converts it back to digital when it receives the signal.  [/quote] Which is exactly what I implied by saying it eliminates signal loss. Except for your "digital>analog>digital" story, that won't hold any ground. Conversions are ALWAYS lossy, be it digital or analog. [quote author=Crayon Violent link=topic=110893.msg449468#msg449468 date=1160424240] also, dvi can xfer/process larger amounts of data at higher speeds than vga.  this means better graphic output capabilities like faster framerates with better resolutions. [/quote] I seriously doubt that. As far as I know VGA, like RGB, doesn't have a bandwith limit. I don't believe framerates are an issue here. I have heard reports that DVI can better handle higher resolutions, but I think that again has to do with the signal loss, which becomes more noticable at higher resolutions. My 19" has a native 1280x1024, and I can certainly spot no difference. I'm not arguing DVI is not better than VGA, there is no doubt that it is, I'm saying you'll only be enjoying it's benefits in specific cases (long cables, very high resolutions).
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the only practical advantage of DVI over VGA is that of eliminating signal loss. If you use a short, high quality VGA cable, nobody will be able to spot the difference. I have had my monitor on both VGA and DVI, and I can't spot the difference. When I tried an old VGA cable, I did spot some minor differences though.
  12. It's easy to get annoyed with a technology if it's often misused or misplaced. When it should be the misuse itself you should be annoyed at. One should base it's choice of used technologies on the function of a website. You don't do impressive flash intros unless the main function of a site is to impress and represent, rather than to inform. On topic, I actually had a website idea like this a while a go. Allowing people who have the vision but not the funds and skills or time to create websites with revenue, to submit their visions, collecting some of those revenues if an idea takes of. I might still try that if can find the time.
  13. [quote author=obsidian link=topic=106377.msg444847#msg444847 date=1159731404] i think that's a browser thing. when i type in 'kilbad' in FF, i get his homepage, too [/quote] I think it's because google 'localizes' SERPs. Try if the page you get is the top listed when you search for it on google. Google is alot more sophistocated than you think.
  14. [quote author=akitchin link=topic=106377.msg444131#msg444131 date=1159601801] 448191, might be because it somehow thinks it's looking for an IP rather than a domain pointer.  [/quote] I figured as much, but it seems odd that FF can't recognize an ip and tries to open an 'undotted' number... [quote author=akitchin link=topic=106377.msg444131#msg444131 date=1159601801] not sure, the internet is mysterious, powerful AND ALL-KNOWING. [/quote] Euh... If you say so.  (and I thought I had a strange sense of humor, lol... :P) [quote]Typing "kilbad" into the FF address bar takes you to my personal site.... just wanted to rub that in..[/quote] I get your profile. Top SERP listed. Same rule applies for everything else I tried. But thanks for the rub-in anyway...  ;D
  15. [quote author=akitchin link=topic=106377.msg443509#msg443509 date=1159509723] and "akitchin" in FF takes you to my phpfreaks profile too.  weird. [/quote] It's not that weird, entering a keyword in the adress bar simply loads the top listed page on the SERP from google. What IS strange is that is doesn't do so with my username, while it IS the top listed on the SERP. Again I'm being discriminated because of my username. Life isn't fair.  :P
  16. [quote author=redbullmarky link=topic=106377.msg426534#msg426534 date=1157210607] (interesting fact with regards to owning the names - I've not tested on anything else, but for anyone that has FF on the PC, type in 'redbullmarky' into your address bar...) [/quote] If I try that with mine, FF simply tries to open http://448191/, while yours directs me to your phpfreaks profile (by way of google). How unfair is that!  :P
  17. My username is my personel number. I use it every day to login on an ancient SCO server. I can type blind on the numpad. 448191 is very easy on the numpad, even for those who can't. I get asked for the meaning of my username a lot. People don't get why you would use only numbers. Back when I used DC++ for filesharing, I actually kept getting kicked out of hubs because of my username. 'Get a real username', 'we don't talk to numbers', that kind of stuff. In some cases, registration software refuse my username, saying it 'must contain at least 1 letter' or 'or can't start with a digit'. Consequently, I'm also known as 'desmad', meaning 'Destructive Madness' (abbr. DM), the name of the graffitti crew I was a part of as an adolescant. Back then I used the tag 'dane', wich I also sometimes use as a username. Here's an (old) picture of my devbox with a piece of this tag cut out as window. [img]http://home.wanadoo.nl/lekkage/img/001.JPG[/img] Yes, those are hoses you see inside. It's liqued cooled. Shot where you can see the (main) radiator grill: [img]http://home.wanadoo.nl/lekkage/img/002.JPG[/img]
  18. I have to agree with Andy. All his points are valid. My €0,02: On a more positive note: The navigation is perfect. I don't agree with the colours on mouseover for the topmenu and the sidemenu is too wide, one top menuitem's text doesn't fit too well, but from a Information Architectural standpoint I can find nothing wrong with it. VERY good job. I would choose to show something of relevance on the index (ACTUAL content). These items serve very little pupose.. [quote]General COURSES...[/quote] One more tip: The headers on the index for sections 'why choose us' and 'News & Events' look VERY unappealling. Ditch those. With some minor changes, you could have perfectly PROPER website. It has potential.
  19. This is VERY basic stuff, so you might wanna take a look in the manual. foreach($array as $array_key => $array_value) {   //Array key and array value are now local variables, wich you may use. } OR foreach($array as $array_value) {   //Array value is now a local var. } Also read up on arrays.
  20. [code]<?php //CREATES A LOOP THAT OUTPUTS THE FOLLOWING HTML FOR EACH ROW IN THE DATABASE while($info = mysql_fetch_array($data)){ //PULLS THE KEYWORD DATA FOR EACH ITEM(ROW) $data1 = mysql_query('SELECT * FROM shirtkeywords WHERE shirt_id ="'.$info['shirt_id'].'"') or die(mysql_error()); $keywords = mysql_fetch_array( $data1 ); //BUILD THE JAVASCRIPT HEADER  FOR EACH MENU echo "<DIV class=menuContainer id=menu$info[shirt_id]Container> <DIV class=menu id=menu$info[shirt_id]Content> <DIV class=menuInsert style='HEIGHT: 180px'> <TABLE class=menuTable cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0> <TBODY>"; //BUILD THE TABLE ROWS FOR EACH KEYWORD ASSOCIATED WITH A PRODUCT foreach ($keywords[] as $keyword_id) { echo '<TR><TD><IMG height="4" src=\'menu_script/spacer.gif\' width="1"></TD></TD>   <TR><TD><A class="menuLink" href=\'link>'.$keywords['keyword'].'</A></TD></TR>     </TBODY> </TABLE></DIV></DIV></DIV>'; } ?>[/code] I fixed the parse errors for you. I don't quite see what you're trying to do here: [code]foreach ($keywords[] as $keyword_id) { echo '<TR><TD><IMG height="4" src=\'menu_script/spacer.gif\' width="1"></TD></TD>   <TR><TD><A class="menuLink" href=\'link>'.$keywords['keyword'].'</A></TD></TR>     </TBODY> </TABLE></DIV></DIV></DIV>'; }[/code]
  21. This is a really old thread. But since people have replied in it recently I'll go ahead and have my say. Frontpage sucks. It's of no use for developers. Dreamweaver: the code highlighting rules. Nothing beats it. But that's about it. I've never used ANY of the so called "advanced" features Dreamweaver has to offer, and most likely never will. Since now I've discovered Zend Studio. No, I don't get paid to praise Zend Studio (if only that were true), but I definately like it. A lot. I've coded Visual Basic .NET in Visual Studio which makes life very very very easy on you, but this comes pretty close. Get the trial and see what I'm talking about. As said, the code highlighting features could use some work, but otherwise there is no PHP compatible IDE that comes even close. Praise. I just hope it gets that 'little something' more to stand up to Visual Studio. Which is unprecedented as far as I know. If Microsoft were to incorporate PROPER php, css, xml and html support (which they'll probably never do), zend would be screwed as is.
  22. Something else: when I edit a post and there are multiple blocks of code, all other blocks in the textarea are identical to the first. I have to c&p the blocks from the topic display below the edit area... Really annoying. You guys probably already noticed this a long time ago, but I did not find any posts mentioning it.
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