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  1. Requinix - as usual you are "more right" than I. OP - sorry for my lack of understanding.
  2. I hate to sound rude and crude, but if you are 'new' then why are you in charge of such a serious project?
  3. ginerjm

    Sessions Without Cookies in PHP 7

    And who/what told you to not use cookies???
  4. ginerjm

    php get url and pass it to a variable possible?

    If you are making the decision when you send the page out as to what property is involved, why not have a hidden field in that same form that identifies the property for you? Perhaps an id number from your database of properties? And when you receive the form be sure to validate the hidden id against your database to avoid hackers.
  5. ginerjm

    check if a file is exist in folder

    Not sure how you determine that a file exists or not. Normally we would use the is_file function to specifically look for a filename in a folder. Have you tried that approach instead of a counting method?
  6. ginerjm

    findAndModify() usage in a function

    And your most recent post makes it even more unclear...
  7. ginerjm

    findAndModify() usage in a function

    I stand behind my previous post. Your code makes no sense to us. For example - what does this SINGLE line do for you? $conn = DB::table('counter')->where('name', $name )->first(); It doesn't appear to be calling any function unless you have a class named DB that has a method named 'table'. And if it does - what exactly are the arguments that you are providing in the call to that method?
  8. ginerjm

    Unable to use connection to MySQL

    Obviously, code is required if you really want us to try and help... BUT - please - only the relevant code? Like maybe the method that does the connection and the code that calls it and tries to go further after making/not making the connection.
  9. ginerjm

    findAndModify() usage in a function

    You do realize that you are showing us virtually nothing? The calls to what seem to be methods of some undefined class cannot be interpreted by us since we have no idea what code we are attempting to access with those calls. Even the structure of the calls is confusing without knowing the underlying structure of the class' methods. I assume the class is named 'DB' but I don't know how one creates and uses a line that references somethings called "table", "where" and "first" all in one statement, if that is even what we are supposed to think is happening here.
  10. ginerjm

    <?php echo "\n" sourcing

    If you don't know much about php WHY would you want to modify a block of code that is creating your entire front page??? Yes - this line does a php "echo" (ie, send something to the client/web page) to generate some output that is created by the method call to the 'frontSections()' function. The line switches into php mode for the echo and call and then exits php mode so that you are then back in html mode.
  11. ginerjm

    onsubmit php in form

    I would move the onsubmit to a submit button element (or whatever is actually triggering it) and use a "return xxxxx" format so that it cause the submit action to fail if your function doesn't like something. Your style may work but not being familiar with using the onsubmit at the form level instead of the type=submit level I have to work with what I (think) I know. The format of that call would be : <input type='submit' name=xxx onclick='return myfunction()'> where your function has to return either a true or false value in order to cause to to work properly. Of course you can use the function to display any error messages generated, using a hidden ( or unused) text area (or span) for showing any messages. Have fun! Ps - you might want to learn how to do your design stuff (ie, 'css') using actual CSS code rather than doing it inline on each and every element that you want to stylize.
  12. ginerjm

    Cant figure out PHP/MySQL Error

    Now that it has been pointed out to me that 2 &'s are necessary I suddenly realize that I have never seen anyone NOT use 'AND' in their queries. For PHP, yes && is the rule.
  13. ginerjm

    Cant figure out PHP/MySQL Error

    Why the double &? Isn't one enough in an sql statement?
  14. ginerjm

    PHP function to send email to manual email entry

    I already gave you my suggestion. Apparently you don't care for what I am saying. Good bye.
  15. ginerjm

    PHP function to send email to manual email entry

    Why do you not have error reporting turned on? AND if you RTFM you would see that you are using the mail function badly. And PLEASE don't ever use the @ sign to suppress errors. If you have then you should SEE them. Plus - with the @ what is the point of capturing the result when you suppress it?
  16. ginerjm

    PHP and querystring problem

    The url in your posted example has two ? args. That is most likely the problem. Your script can't tell one url from the containing url so you will have to perhaps break apart the entire string by using an explode on the ? with a limit of 2 results. Then you can pull the 2nd one apart on the ? in the same way again and then on the &. The final result will have your "from" arg in the first element of this result. I think.
  17. ginerjm

    php target blank not going to new page

    Or simply open up the source in your browser to see what html you are generating. I think you may also need a space after the current id value to separate the target attribute from the id one.
  18. ginerjm

    PHP function to send email to manual email entry

    "different way of my thinking"..... Yes it is. It is the CORRECT way. No discussion. You can't reference different elements of any array by just using the indices without the array name itself. And - reading the manual on each of these functions you are using will definitely help you to understand how to use them and how to (correctly) write them. Here's a Link to the Functions in the PHP Manual
  19. ginerjm

    PHP function to send email to manual email entry

    PS - are you reading the PHP manual for help at all?
  20. ginerjm

    PHP function to send email to manual email entry

    NO YOU CAN'T. You have to reference each item from the form with its real name. $_POST['email1'], $_POST['email2'], etc.... As in: $to_mail1 = trim(strip_tags($_POST['mailaddress1'])); $to_mail2 = trim(strip_tags($_POST['mailaddress2'])); Then use the new vars $to_mail1 and $to_mail2 later from then on. If you are not sending your email as an html email you don't want to use nl2bt function on the data.
  21. ginerjm

    PHP function to send email to manual email entry

    I'd like to point out that you have to use a "from" address that exists on your server/domain. It won't (probably) send something that has a "fake" from address - it has to be a legitimate one that your domain recognizes. As for the to address. You have to take each input value (post) and clean it and add it to the to address. $to_email = trim($_POST['email1']); $to_email .= ','.teim($_POST['email2']); $to_email .= ','.trim($_POST['email3']); (Note the .= usage)
  22. ginerjm

    PHP function to send email to manual email entry

    Just to be sure. You want a form that captures the user's input of an email address. Then you want a php script that is called by that form that will grab the user's entered address and use it to send some kind of email to that address. Is that what you were saying? If so then Gw's response is a good one. If you are just beginning to write PHP code to send emails, read up on using the phpmailer class and download it an use it. It makes all future emailing projects that much simpler. Of course if my understanding of your question is incorrect, please try and re-state it so I/we can better help you.
  23. ginerjm

    How do I...

    First of all - who is your host? You? Or do you pay for some shared hosting? With the latter the cron question is usually solved since most providers include cron abilities in their package to you. With their (cpanel?) screen you name the script to be run and setup how often you want it to run. Within your script - a php script - you have to place a simple hashbang(?) line (which your host will define for you) at the top to allow the cron job to run it and then design your script to run without any console/client output. It runs in the background but has full access to your db and the php toolset so that you can do anything you want. Therefore you could just schedule it to run hourly (?) and have it check the results in your db and from that do whatever it takes to produce more puzzles or whatever you want. Hope this helps.
  24. oops - I see that I left the semi off my ending heredocs line.
  25. Show us what you changed to match us. Do you have error checking turned on and have an error message that points to a certain line?

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