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  1. the mail function returns true or false depending on success or failure, you can capture that with the $sent = bit, you dont Have to do it.


    you could also do this way:

    if($email && $message ){
    if (mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers))
    echo "Thank you for the feedback. We will be in touch with you very soon.";
    echo 'unable to send email';
    echo "Please enter your feedback or insert your email";



  2. in my times i heard them called a bluey (they used be very blue notes) or a lady godiva (rhyming again) . I havent heard of the Jackson.

    a tenner is an aryton (senna)


    all good stuff to know, i might go ask for a payrise myself with this new knowledge ;)



    google tells me all the answers here: http://www.aldertons.com/money.htm

    there are some great ones on there:

    commodore = 15 quid = three times a lady (godiva) 




  3. its unlikely that someone will just do it for you. unless its thorpe  :P


    what do you know about php?


    you want to put all the words into an array, but your example shows an array with a string in it rather than a seperate word in each value in the array.

    to put every word into an array, look into using explode.



  4. in order to access any session variables on a page, you have to first activate that session on each page that you want to access it.




    now if you have logged in someone successfully already, lets assume they have a value in the session to confirm this, for instance $_SESSION['logged'] = true;


    so when it comes to the button bit, make sure the page has the session start bit, then do the if statement like this

    echo 'logout';
    echo 'login'

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