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  1. *** EDIT post above seems to cover it better than i did :) ***



    first thing would be to create a database, and then in that database you would need a table with columns with names like the ones in the array.

    A unique identifier which is usually called id or perhaps in this case call it player_id, have it auto increment and as a primary key.

    then have other columns, use the <th> values as a guide to what you need.

    once you have this table ready you can go about setting up a database connection and sql statement to insert the data into the table on the database

  2. i think z-index wouldnt be any good as it would then make the image in the view port lay on top of the alpha png file.


    I think your best bet is to put 2 divs inside the #headergrnd which are floated left and right and simulate the same idea but leaving an actual gap in the view port area . so main container is 100% and floated divs to left and right are like 25% width of their containing div( #headergrnd)

    and just apply the background image to the smaller divs.


    hope that makes sense to you




  3. flash and php can pass variables to each other, so shouldnt be too hard to do, i dont think you can see what pages are called from within a flash file in its swf format, especially if you lock it on final export. it should be enough to discourage chancers and casual attempts.



  4. I guess to ensure it doesnt drop down you need to be sure that the some width of both boxes will not exceed the container.

    max-width would go someway towards this but only if you split that 50/50 for the 2 boxes. this would not really be a satisfactory resolve.

    I fear some sort of javascript trickery might be the only option, or perhaps turn it into a list with floated list items?

  5. its harder to tell what the classes are without meaningful names, which is what i would rather do , and anyone who picks up my work would probably appreciate that too. 


    Recently i have been using the OOCSS style and find it quite good for reuseable style sheets. however i then end up with a class="floatleft bold italic curvedborder" which is almost the opposite of what you want to acheive!



  6. have you put a value into the $some_other_value variable?

    $coupon_code = $_POST['couponcodenumber'];
    if ($coupon_code == $some_other_value) 
    header ('Location: specialordersDiscountForm.php');
    	header ('Location: specialorderwrongcode.php');   

  7. why not just call it whiteboard?


    ok so on registration my username is restricted to 5 characters and i wanted to have Nick (its my name) but i had to settle for nicky. not a good start for a slogan 'Reducing Limitations, Increasing Fun'


    telephone is required field which i feel isn't a required field. but it let me enter 3456 so if its important enough to be a required field, it should be checked to have a valid format.


    really dont like the bright red input for the login panel. never received my email to activate :(

  8. its looks fine to me, but im no expert. its clearly laid out with decent thumbnails, the rollover isn't that bad.


    what surprised me is that people pay for template in wordpress! I have always managed to find plenty free ones, but i digress with that point.



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