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  1. Do you plan on implanting the user database like we have it here at phpfreaks or like at apachefreaks? Like here you have to log into the site and into the forums. At apachefreaks you log into the site and the forums at the same time.


    I would almost say do it like we have it here, and on the website login have it pull the usernames from the database here over to there. Sorta share user information with each other, if that makes sense. That way we don't have to register at both places, just one. We might also do the same thing with the forums.

  2. PostgreSQL is a database, just like MySQL or any of the others. It has a few features that MySQL dosn't, and is missing a few that MySQL does. It depends on the user and what he/she wishes to learn. All databases are easy to learn, you merely have to decide which you like best. Really just user preference.


    YAY! I am the second poster here!

  3. I was just saying, programming has always been passed around as a male "art" in my area. Everyone says that only men program, and I began wondering. I have never met a female programmer, and I wanted to know how many exist.

  4. So I stand by my statement. Not a single female has posted on here. This is crazy. I can't believe it. I would LOVE to meet a female programmer. I have a girlfriend so it is not on a sexual note. I would just love to meet one.



  5. If you want up-to-date Apache, Mysql, and PHP all configured for you, then I have the place for you. Most programmers like to do it themselves, but there is many problems with that. When you do apache by itself you have to run that stupid console as an open window unless your smart enough to fix it to run in back ground.


    With Wamp5 it does it all for you automaticaly. Really easy to use and you can still edit your php.ini and your httpd.conf files after the easy wizard installs and configures them for you.  No more hassle with trying to get it all working together.


    The url is:    http://www.wampserver.com (french version)


    http://www.wampserver.com/en/index.php (english version)


    This should prevent from all the noobies asking questions because they are to lazy to do it themselves.

  6. Are you a male or female programmer? Teen or Adult. I have never met other teen programers nor female programmers. After voting, add a bit of info about yourself like I have below:




    My name is Ronald Steelman. I first started programming when I was 14 years old and I am now 18. I don't know as much as I would like, I never will, but I learn more everyday. I am a male of course.

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