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  1. I have a list of ID's returned from a table (even number). I always used a loop to get the next result, but I want to put these straight into a new table INSERT INTO table VALUES ($ID1, $ID2); This is recursive till there are no more ID's. How do I get the result then the next result without loops. ID1 and ID2 cannot be null. What is the best way?
  2. loops, sorry i am very over tried, I cant believe the mistakes I have made this evening. Thanks.
  3. I know im being blind today but can someone point out why: $query = "SELECT peopleID FROM numpeople WHERE ID = '3';"; $result = mysql_query($query) or die("failed."); $row = mysql_fetch_row($result); $numpeople = mysql_num_rows($result); echo "<br /> row $row[1]"; echo "<br />numpeople $numpeople"; $numpeople returns 2, but $row[1] is undefined? $row[0] is fine. (The value of $row[0] is 7 and $row[1] should be . This is the second error that I really cant see....
  4. Sorry, been coding for days to finish this - I think im going a bit insane! Im sure they had $ before.... The universe removed them! Thanks anyway for sorting my stupidity.
  5. No im not, its a weird font but they all start with $? $entrantQuery etc
  6. $entrantQuery = "SELECT entrantID FROM entrants WHERE Game = $idT"; $entrantResult = mysql_query(entrantQuery); $entrantRow = mysql_fetch_row(entrantResult); I have these at the start of my php (after getting $idT), but I get the error Notice: Use of undefined constant entrantQuery - assumed 'entrantQuery' in C:\Entrants.php on line .. Notice: Use of undefined constant entrantResult - assumed 'entrantResult' in C:\www\Entrants.php on line.. Ive used this code lots of times before, what am I missing? They are variables that I am defining!
  7. I have forum options in a loop (ie value = Entry$i) I need to call GET_POST('Entry$i') and loop though the INSERT query $i times. If I put GET_POST in a loop, however, it does not work. It does not give an INSERT failed error so I assume it is not reading it. I have also tried putting if GET_POST('Entry1') outside the loop, but it does not like it. I dont know how many options are needed so I need it to generate the correct number. Then you can select $i options from duplicated option lists. (Ie) participant 1, 2 and 3 from a list of possibles. I have also use GET_POST, I use a function. Other sumbits (I not use what they are called, please set me know), work fine on this page. echo "Entry $Number: <select name = \"Entry$j\">"; for ($i = 1; $i<$EntNum+1; $i++) { etc etc then for ($i = 0; $i<$NumberOfEntrys; $i++) { if (isset($_POST['AddEntry']) && isset($_POST["Entry$i"])) //rest of this bit not executed -just insert Ideas? Thanks
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