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  1. ok that looks like it should work, but when i run the query i get something like [bLOB - 34B] as the group_concat?
  2. nobody has any idea? our should i be posting this in a php forum?
  3. The Data field on the "Feeds" table will store the temporary information, so in the feed i can select the MemberID and explode $Data to get the latest PhotoID's for that MemberID... My problem is building that initial query and loops compile the information to create the insert query
  4. I hope I have posted this in the right area but I am hoping someone can help me out. But its kinda mysql and php related... What I am trying to do is, query a members database to see if they have uploaded any new photos to there account. once i find out what photos are new, i would like to insert a single entry into a feeds table with field that has a comma separated value so that i can later use the explode function to see what new photos where uploaded in my members feed's application. // select latest uploaded photos SELECT MemberID, PhotoID FROM Photos WHERE DateTime >= '2011-05-04 13:02:18' ORDER BY MemberID this will output example... 1 | 11 1 | 15 1 | 89 2 | 68 so i guess where i am stuck is based on this select, how would i go about building a single entry per MemberID into my Feeds table? I would have to do use the loop and an implode function I am guessing but not to sure how to put it all together. // implode mysql result $comma_separated = implode(",", $array); what i need to do is compile the results so that i can make a single entry into my "Feeds" table per MemberID... insert one entry into feeds per MemberID an example would have to be like this.. INSERT INTO `Feed` (`MemberID`, `Data`) VALUES ('1', '11,15,89,97') INSERT INTO `Feed` (`MemberID`, `Data`) VALUES ('2', '68') I hope I explained myself on what I am trying to accomplish here. Any ideas or a better solution to what i am trying to do? I would rather have one entry then a new entry for every new photo. Thanks for your time.
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