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  1. Ya I agree with the animation is a little too much. The left navigation is also seems to bother people so I will make those improvements.... I think it is a case of less is more....
  2. Thanks, I work my butt off on these art projects so I really appreciate it. I am getting rid of the tables and using CSS for sure. Old habits die hard....lol
  3. Thanks for the input! I think you are 100% right on the money. I will make those changes for sure.....
  4. nobody? just looking for some honest opinions....anything would help.
  5. I'd disagree. "Robert's Plumbing" doesn't tell you it's a plumbing service? Do you see Microsoft with a computer in their logo? Adding little 'clip-art' like that only reduces a company's professional web-image in my opinion. I'd say in terms of layout and structure, it's well done. There's some aesthetic changes that can be done to maker it better though, and the mark-up isn't perfect. Everyone already knows what Microsoft is.....so there is no need to put a computer next to that logo...lol but a plumbing website needs to unconsciously make a statement in the header,body, and footer. Just my opinion.
  6. Hi everyone. I have a website I am building and thought I would ask for some input..... I know there are a few things that need to be fixed on the site like some small spelling errors and some optimizing for faster loading but I am looking for over all opinions on the design. Thanks Here it is: http://www.nicholasmoffett.com/index.html
  7. I think you should have a link where your logo is so that you go to a page where it tells more about the site. Its the first thing I wanted to do because I am very skeptical about giving information unless I know what it is, even if it is just to sign up for something.
  8. I Like the background... I think the text at the top where it has "quality service 20 years in business" needs to be worked on a bit, maybe something like a a plumbers wrench, pipe, or drain would make the viewer become instantly aware in the header that it is a plumbing service. The content below works well and the color scheme is very professional.
  9. Ya the fonts make it look a little cookie cutter. I think the dark gray background could work but the searh should be shortened to fit the logo. Its almost there
  10. Over 100 million accounts need to be protected by Sony.... I dont think they are going to fix it for a while....lol
  11. Hey I am from SD Too! right on....
  12. I agree, When making websites I like to use the rule that people need things as simple as possible for the site to work. any confusion in your design will make people mad. The new design is a very easy understanding of the product and functions
  13. Very clean, seems like all the fundamentals are covered and the rest is just design preference. Maybe throw a little more red or another color to contrast the large quantity of blue. Just a thought.....
  14. Its pretty good, I think a photography site should always have a rotating main splash image so that people always can see your stuff without navigating the site. The smooth layout helps focus on the subject manner which is the most important thing in a portfolio.
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