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  1. Again, it needs to be POST variables, not GET variables. Michael
  2. I need to avoid sending any of the post data to the browser due to security concerns. So I want to do something like: $var2post="big=ben&tom=jerry"; header( location: "https://www.outsidesitethatidontcontrol.com",$var2post); I'm not seeing any curl function that will redirect after posting the variables to the remote site. Michael
  3. I couldn't find anything in past posts so apologies if this has been answered before. How can I set up, using PHP alone, a redirect to an outside page with POST variables attached? I've looked at cURL and the header() function and can't find any way to do it. Thanks, Michael
  4. At a quick glance this is what it looks like you have happening: Person clicks a radio button then submits it to the page you displayed here. The page you displayed here lets the person verify that was the one they wanted to vote for and re-submits it to the same page. The page then puts it in the database. If this is what happens, then the problem is you aren't re-passing the variable to the next instance of the page after they verify they picked the right choice. You can either do that with a hidden submit or a session variable: $_SESSION[selected_radio] = $_POST[$vote]; mysql_query("INSERT INTO voting (username, cluster,vote) VALUES('$netid', '70s','$_SESSION[selected_radio]') ") or die(mysql_error()); Michael
  5. A site I go to regularly started bragging about using it. I had never heard of it and did some digging. As far as I can tell it's "French Perfume". Meaning it's coving up the smell of bad hygiene. Other than the fact that it will allow your script to work with any database with very little changing of code, is there any reason to mess with this??? I see several problems including increased overhead and less secure. That is unless I'm missing something in my reading. Michael
  6. I've actually narrowed it down a bit where the problem is.  You are correct for straight PHP.  However in one place I have to use an HTML call to another page.  I have to pass a variable to it and then use the results.  I don't think I can use AJAX for this but I'll look into it.
  7. I have a primary site.  On that site I have a blog/journal directory set up.  I wanted to give customers direct access to it with a dedicated domain name different than the primary one.  I did this and set it up as an Addon to the directory on the primary site.  It goes there with no problems, but the php scripts I have there make calls to files on the root of the primary site and it can't seem to access them directly, only by making an http:// call.  Am I missing something? Thanks, Michael
  8. In CPanel I can create an account and point a domain name to it no problem.  But I would like to be able to point a domain name to a folder that is a child of a path that already has a domain name pointed to it.  I thought I could use the Addon Domain featuer, but I can't get it to work.  Anyone have some directions on how to do that? Thanks! Michael
  9. I'm using AJAX to feed data to a PHP program and that program has to do a fair bit of processing if the data stream is large.  The connection seems to be timing out if I send large chuncks.  How can I force the connection to remain open until the PHP program finishes executing the process?  The process can take as long as two minutes. Thanks, Michael
  10. Yeah... that was what I was thinking.  Thanks for confirming it.  One would have thought that javascript would have a simple command but no worries.  Thanks!
  11. I've got a textarea in the middle of a form.  I want javascript to POST the contents that someone types in to another PHP program when they click a button.  I can get the info _to_ the other window, but that's just javascript to javascript.  I need to have PHP do some stuff to the data before it displays it though.  Is there some simple command I'm missing or do I have to use AJAX to do this? Thanks! Michael
  12. Here is the situation.  I've got to text input boxs, a and b.  I have a button that writes something.  I want the button to write to which ever box I have clicked in.  Anyone know how to pass the name of the box that has been clicked on back to a function that writes something? 
  13. Ok... simplest way to say it is I want to be able to do like you can when you responsd to a thread here:  You have buttons that had in the markers in the text area for things like hitting the "B" button puts in here [b][/b].  I've tried to figure it out from looking at the code on this very page and searching for it, but I can't seem to get it to work.  Anyone know of a tutorial?
  14. Never mind.  I was half asleep last night when I set it up and I forgot to set the new folder, thumbs, permisions so that the web could write to it.  Michael
  15. Hey guys, I know ImageMagick is installed.  When I use this command in my PHP script: [code] exec("convert",$out); echo "<pre>"; print_r($out); echo "</pre>"; [/code] I get the info on convert.  But when I use this command nothing happens: [code] exec ("convert -geometry 20%x20% 'MA5.jpg' ./thumbs/'MA5.jpg'"); [/code] What am I doing wrong?  The exact same command, cut and pasted in my telnet window in the same directory as the php script works exactly right.  Thanks, Michael
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