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  1. Thanks for responding. I have yet to run this because I am unsure that it for one is correct or complete. I used my best guesses based on reading dozens of posts which were all very dated. My server is Linux based and uses cPanel. I know how to setup the cronjob itself. What I do not know is the correct syntax or format for the script and was hoping someone else here might. What I don't want to happen is to have some wrong switch or something that might delete files or screw something else up on my server. The file being uploaded is a simple xls file with data on it so it's harmless. This does not have to be Php. I am open to suggestions. I simply need a script that will connect to another server via FTP and upload the contents of a directory. I will use a cronjob to run this at intervals.
  2. GOAL: Using CRON, run a script at scheduled times. The script uploads the contents of a directory on the servers computer via FTP to another directory on another computer. I have never used CRON before but setting up jobs in cPanel does not look that difficult. I have read dozens on posts (all 5-10 years old) on how to connect via FTP and put files. But none describe how to do this via cron. From what I can gather, it would be simpler to create a script that does the connection/upload and just use CRON to run the file. Here's what I have been able to write so far but am unsure how to turn this into a usable script file to run in CRON. I'm thinking a Php file? I do not know Php and am in a bind. Any help is appreciated. --------------------------------------- #!/bin/bash HOST=ftp.pentagon.base.com USER=pentagon PASSWORD=`echo cGFzc3dvcmQ= | base64 --decode` ftp -inv $HOST <<EOF user $USER $PASSWORD cd /public_html/uploads/base mput *.xlsx bye EOF
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