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  1. Yes, you are right up to the shot in the dark, the thing is I dont need any prompts on redirect, that aspect requires a seamless link between the pages and would be synced on each click of the back button additionally the call to the page that displays the information is a static call to one page so even with the array in place the calls would always call a single page i tried implementing a for with a case for each page but its not exactly working... else { document.write('<iframe src="blank.html" style="display:none;" id="BAJBOnBack" onunload="alert(\'de\')" onload="bajb_backdetect.BAJBFrame();"></iframe>'); }
  2. The script itself mimics the behavior that i want but it is inadequate, in that It only calls one page which is blank.html what In reality what I want is for the listener to pick up the action of clicking the back button, then redirect the user to a page or pages of my choosing, ordinary redirect methods would send the user to a new page before the contents of the original page is loaded which is not the idea, the redirect should only take place onClick of the back button I can show you an example i just cant post the link would that be ok, and pardon the whiny behavior I've just always been keen on being respectful and polite regardless of the situation... Oh and that mechanic analogy was good only thing is that i sent a bimmer on the tow truck and when i got there (the mechanic) they had a Lada saying thats what i had sent
  3. Within 5 seconds of posting the link it agains shows up as index.php The only thing left i suppose is to post a video showing the uploading process because as i said I did nothing to change the parameters of the file, Its a pure .zip file I clicked browse selected the file and clicked on post Am i missing something here???
  4. I didn't change the extension and the only reason why i posted a compressed version is because there happens to be more than one file including a minified .js script. Why does every one here jump to conclusions before asking, I have been a member of forums before both as a moderator and a user, I mean no disrespect Mr. Moderator but the underlying tone of this board is a far cry from being quality help, first i got flamed for creating popups, got told what i was doing was totally irrelevant or albeit impossible, now you're well you're not doing anything bad i suppose but you do get my point... Considering that you've got it working, and it didn't eat your computer can you now see the issue that i'm having and help me somewhat... I'm attaching the file again so as to clear any confusion, hopefully it remains intact 17235_.zip
  5. oh here's a more recent form of what I've been doing not exactly there yet but the back button functionality is a bit better http://swapansoft.comule.com/mobile/index3.php Edit: i'll repost links shortly...
  6. Hello Zane I cant imagine what could have caused the server to rename it and change the extension but just one glance at the unicode would indicate that the files are still intact try changing the extension to .zip I'm really not sure what could have caused it though but I'm 100% sure that the correct file was uploaded hence It must have been an error in the upload or parsing of the files, the reason why I know is because I've had reason to write code that parsed files into Unicode and back to original format just before download so i know what the Unicode looks like either way sorry for the inconvenience
  7. @ AyKay47 Its really quite nice that you've taken the time out to help me address this but, you dont understand the situation, I am not trying to create any annoying popups or anything of that sort, so please listen to what i'm saying before you flame my post. I only want help with a script that will on clicking the back button redirect the user to a specific page, This functionality has already been achieved and the example that i attached to the post you would see this in action the fact is sir we are all here to help each other out, if you are not inclined to do this then its fine, but please dont insult my intelligence i know what i'm talking about. The fact is the script will not be loading any elements from the history cache, it will detect when the back button is clicked and send the user to a predefined url, if the user clicks back again, it will send them to another url. Weather or not you had cached a page before isnt the point the point is to catch the event being fired on clicking the back navigation in the browser and directing that action to a specific page or several pages for that matter...
  8. Ok getting two different responses here lol but anyway... @AyKay47 it is possible you can change the functionality, all that is required is for you to set a listener on the event that even being the back button being clicked and then direct it to the desired location, i can show you and example if necessary i cant post it though, its not allowed @scootstah you are indeed correct about that sir i'm not a super duper expert but i'm not a noob either and i have been trying with varying levels of success to get this done if its ok I can send an example to you via pm, the page has mature content but its the only example that i've seen so far that works so unless there is a rule against that then i'd like to share, its not the most thrilling bit of code imo but i'm always up for learning new things....
  9. @ MasterACE14 Yes its a bit more complex than that @ AyKay47 i had attached the file that i was working on and It was being done in javascript to be honest whichever one works works, if you look at the example though you'll see that i'm able to call a blank page in an iframe regardless of any prior content being loaded into history that functionality is fine the only thing wrong with that is that its limited to 1 page and i want to have the functionality for several different pages to be called on clicking the back button, I hope i'm being a bit clearer now
  10. Yes I've established that, and as you might note there's no mention of doing it in php, granted this is a php forum and the pages will as i said parse php in the body, however the functionality at the top of the page which is of course as i said the back button requires that when a user clicks back they are sent to any number of pages... depending on how many times the redirect is set to occur, the file that i attached to the previous post does this once i want to do it more than once but its being a bit problematic, as such i'm looking a bit of assistance.
  11. Oh yes sorry about that, original post got deleted before i could update it ok I do have something working on and you're right its really through java script, the only reason i posted here is because the site will eventually be parsing php scripts but the functionality itself will be facilitated via javascript, the example i have uses a iframe to load the new page, the thing is though I can only get it to load one page what i'd like to do is have it loop through a number of pages.... Its attached below thanks 17229_.zip
  12. Ok so i was reading the rules just long enough to notice the previous post was deleted, which is fine (violated rules)... I'm looking for some help with a script that will redirect users when they click the back button, obviously this isn't the most ethical of web practices but all i'm doing is creating the frame work I'm not particularly curious about what it will be used for. The idea is that once the page is loaded and you click the back button it will redirect you to a new page; as i said its not the most ethical of web practices but its a task i was given, hence my reason for posting... thanks for any help
  13. Well its a form innit.... but apart from that I was speaking more generally, I was tasked to create a secure chat system I had to use $_GET... well not had to but I had reason to, the information being passed from the form needed to be encrypted before going into the database and decrypted before coming out that meant that I had to use a custom js handler to process the information before it got passed to the database and then have it pulled within the that same time frame so that it could be immediately displayed on the screen... as I said it was a chat system it was really for a school project
  14. Well um Ninja actually I did, it was in the post, to be honest though the problem was resolved thanks to btherl, after disabling error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); the messages stopped so thanks guys both of you Um as btherl mentioned though I am serious about coding actually I have been doing it for a few months now and though I was becoming a "pro" , so for the most part all the coding I've done to date had been done with the warnings on, not only that I'd normally use isset and the get methods so that I suppose would be the main reason why I never came across this problem before.
  15. .... :'( I've been recoding this thing for almost 2 weeks I know you're not suppose to cry over silly mistakes but this is just too sad... sigh. You know I had read some stuff about this but a few of them had warnings about turning the notices off because of security concerns, not only that I had the same problem when I was doing my security project at uni and couldn't figure what was wrong sigh. Thank you very much man works perfectly.... sigh wish I had posted this sooner, now I'm going to have to recode everything from scratch again.... oh well you live and learn.... Thanks again btherl, really appreciate it
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