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  1. GEdit - very simple text editor but it's all I need!
  2. That basically means that your trying to access a member of an array that doesn't exist. Make sure you're setting it before calling it.
  3. What you need to is surround the image thumbnails with a hyperlink and ensure this link points to view.php and appends the image id: <a href="view.php?imageid=30"><img src="/image/thumbnail30.jpg"/></a> Then, when this link is clicked this calls the same page but now you can access the variable 'imageid' with $_GET. $imagid = $_GET['imageid']; //process logic dependent on value of imageid Does this help?
  4. Can you send us the output from print_r($data)
  5. mjdamato is probably right. Best to get it working normally. Once you've grasped that, you should be able to implement an AJAX solution - we'd need to see more of your code though to give you good guidance on how to implement this. Ca you upload your files?
  6. Can you try nesting foreach statements? foreach ($data -> $field as $value) { foreach($value -> $field2 as $value2) { } }
  7. I haven't tried this but would this work: foreach ($data[$var] -> $field as $value)
  8. I'm thinking that you need to look at an AJAX solution to this possibly?
  9. This is probably just a question of style rather than whether its the right or wrong way to do it - can you post some code so we can give you an idea if there is a better way?
  10. If you access to your servers config and its Apache - have google mod_rewite - that may be able to help.
  11. Long post!!! :-\ without looking at it too deeply - I notice you used: ob_start(); without a ob_flush(); anywhere?? Are you able to check your logs?
  12. The format class::function() is a static function wich means that you don't need an instance of the class inorder to execute it. $obj - new Object() instantiates a new instance of the class. By default, this always calls the magic method __construct().
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