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  1. BAM!! If your going to spend your time learning a new db interface.. do it right with pdo
  2. well for example this is my crontab line.. * * * * * php /var/www/index.php cron-tick > /dev/null 2>&1cron-tick -- is my argument... http://php.net/manual/en/features.commandline.usage.php http://php.net/manual/en/reserved.variables.argv.php
  3. man, these phpfreaks guys are so friendly, i wish i got this much help when i started out... ps: don't ask for code, as for help
  4. I would think since you are working with 'one' of your client's' (--plural of-course); then you should have a decent hosting environment. I shall recommend www.webfaction.com
  5. Ok, i strongly recommend using sqlite in your circumstance. It is a db, but it has no dependencies, except php support which i believe comes pre-installed..
  6. My first guess is that the computers have cookies disabled.
  7. i have been with webfaction for a while now: - full ssh access - possibility to install your own packages, run your own mysql, apache / w.e else - dedicated ram - plans starting less then 10$ - and amazing uptime...
  8. If the iPod supported "Find My iPhone/Pod", and if it was enabled then helpfully yeah; providing the pod was password protected or who ever has it does not know how to disable it. About the blackberry, sorry i have no experience with these devices.
  9. Don't lie, that will only put you into a situation that you can not fulfil. You need to be professional when approaching potential customers; and continue to keep that professionalism consistent throughout the who period of working with that person. Make sure you have a portfolio and some code example that you are willing to show publicly, does not have to be the whole application just something to show you know what you are doing and to show your coding style / techniques. If you are only good at coding, then make sure you specifically state that.. if you are coding only... tell them what you can and can not do. -- 99.9% of potential customers do not know the difference between 'web developer' and 'web designer'. How that helps. edit: punctuation
  10. I think you should be reading the material the course is providing.
  11. Well my browser of choice is chrome, and there is a difference between 'inspect element' and 'view source'. Inspect element will in fact show the modified DOM (html structure), and the view source is the raw response from the web server.
  12. I am looking for a resource friendly (on both the server and the visitors browser) for loading css and javascript files. I am currently loading both by external links: <link rel="stylesheet" href="..." /> <script src="..."></script>I have been contemplating on weather or not i should just embed the css in the html file..<style>...</style>Background: I am developing a large scale platform that will host websites. It will deploy itself as a distributed cms. If you have a better idea for performance within this category, please share for the community (and me )
  13. Thank you, i will use your recommendation, as it seems like common sense rather then trying to build each tag into one expression. $patterns = array( '#\[(b)\]((?:[^[]|\[(?!/?\1])|(?R))+)\[/\1]#i', '#\[(i)\]((?:[^[]|\[(?!/?\1])|(?R))+)\[/\1]#i', '#\[(u)\]((?:[^[]|\[(?!/?\1])|(?R))+)\[/\1]#i', '#\[(color)\=(.+)]((?:[^[]|\[(?!/?\1])|(?R))+)\[/\1]#i', );
  14. ok, so i have the color working, (c tag in this example, as i still can not use tags that are longer then 1 character ) #\[([b|i|u|c])?=(.+)]((?:[^[]|\[(?!/?\1])|(?R))+)\[/\1]#i but, this has broken my other 3 tags, [b|i|u]
  15. so i am creating a bbcode parser, and i am having a little issue with my pattern. #\[([b|i|u])]((?:[^[]|\[(?!/?\1])|(?R))+)\[/\1]#i this works for b,i & u tags; however i am trying to implement a tag that is longer then 1 character (not sure why this would cause a problem, but it does) and add a parameter. i have tried the pattern below, but without luck. #\[([b|i|u|color])(?:=(.+))]((?:[^[]|\[(?!/?\1])|(?R))+)\[/\1]#i if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be amazing..
  16. had the same question a few months ago, and i just installed the newest version of phpmyadmin and have not looked back.
  17. Simply append a variable, and echo it out at the end.
  18. I am testing a new core, so the test account has not been added yet, lol sorry about that
  19. This seems to be the best route, but i will need to add additional cache protocols to my application. Thank you all for your replies.
  20. One scenario that i am using would be my dynamic menu structure. My application handles an infinite (per admin preference) menu items; where do i store this array, to be used on almost every page load? My current implementation is to read the php array from a file, already defined in a variable. (hard to manipulate) Note: I can not rely on memcache, as not every client will have it installed; however for the clients that do, they can feel the benefit.
  21. So for my application, I have a few different types of 'dynamic data'. I need to read this data, and use it for almost every page. I would not like to always be querying the same data from a database, but at the same time I need a simple interface to edit the data. I know I will temporarily store the data in memcached, but where do I read the data from? Also, I will need a solution that does not involve memcached, as not every client that is using my application will have memcached installed / configured. One possible solution I thought of could be a php file with a json_encode'ed variable, for easy manipulation. A side note, all the data being store is multi-dimentional arrays, containing strings, integers and floats, if that makes a diffnerence. Hopfully this post does not confuse the f**k out of you!
  22. If you could test my fix for this, would be grateful!
  23. Keep in mind that the 'styles' for this cms, are all independent, meaning that they can be changed very easily. Since i am not a designer, this is what i have created, and i am pleased with.
  24. I was able to replicate this error, so i will now be able to fix. Once again, thank you everyone! EDIT: Please give it a try now, tell me if it is still not expanding correctly.
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